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Friday, November 14th, 2008

It good that I started this NaBloPoMo thing, because now I know that I should not try posting every single day any more, because it for me is one sure way to drain myself of any inspiration and undermine my already very moderately developed ability to plan ahead and build a nice post that actually has some content.

If I didn’t know better I would say that it makes me a bit cynical. After tonight I know that if even the perfect son in law, Hugh Grant, can get as sour as a green apple (and the face to go with it), surely I run that risk too. Hugh featured on an episode of Top Gear at least a year and a half old but aired on Dutch television today. How’s a car lover supposed to keep up with the current notion of what a supercar is if his only source is Top Gear episodes from a year and a half ago? That Jeremy guy and his minions change their minds about it atleast every other episode.

Tomorrow my new scarf will have dried from her gentle washing and hopefully have transformed from a big organised bulk of yarn into a luscious, soft and colourful accesory to my stylish wardrobe. If only the Hema would finally listen to our pleas and take back knitting yarn into their product range…


Thursday, November 13th, 2008

She is the best character out of a book that ever existed.


LenaLena lets a critter hide a parcel in her box of nail clippings

I wish I had drawn her, thought of her, but alas, I was only one year old when Harriët van Reek came up with her.

LenaLena is a girl and she has crazy stuff going on, often involving her hair or animals. Sometimes things go wrong, and sometimes things work out and fish bring a soaking wet towel (from under water) after she has had a swim.


LenaLena gets a parcel from under water fish

This picture is a whole page (one story) for you to share with me what is so great about LenaLena. You figure out what the hell is going on. I hope Harriët won’t sue me for it.


One page of LenaLena


Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

There’s something so sophisticated about watching incomprehensible black and white movies in your own living room on a huge white screen, while sipping red wine and making a distinguished face.


Remy et Benoit et un oizo

No need

Did I ever tell you I can knit and be sophisticated at the same time? I usually do this when I’m knitting in a public place, because that’s when you have the opportunity to show other people how awesome knitting really is, I really feel like a role model at those moments. You can only make a first impression once, some famous or non-famous person used to say!

so called


Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Some pretty satisfying material on Dutch TV yesterday for people who, like me, are for the legalization of soft drugs.

Recently some cities close to the border closed down all their coffeeshops in an attempt to stop the flow of drug tourists from Belgium, France and Germany. A disappointed and disgruntled mayor of one of those cities stated that since the measure, drug related crime rates increased sixfold.

Why am I not surprised? Is our government, who still has a plan to close down coffeeshops in the whole of the Netherlands, really that naive, to think that drug related crime will just magically disappear when coffeeshops are closed down? Do they think people will walk up to the closed door, look all surprised, scratch their little potheads and think ‘Oh well, I guess I didn’t really need that weed after all… I’ll just go and watch a Walt Disney movie instead!’

And I can see them now, the hustlers and dealers, doing a little happy dance: ‘Whoopie! Finally all the normal folks who only smoke a little joint every now and then will have to buy their stuff with us too! Lady luck has really smiled upon us this time!’

I am baffled at the short-sightedness of the current government, who obviously wants to turn back the clock and push soft drugs into the realm of dealers who drive up the prices, sell crap quality and, most importantly, will try to push all the other drugs they have in their ‘shop’ onto buyers as well.

Seeing the report on the backlash of closing down coffeeshops made me want to pick up the phone, call the leader of the conservative (in his case it’s worse than conservative, rather than wanting things to stay as they are, he wants things to go back to how they were many years ago.) Christian party and yell is his dumb little ear:


The fact that two of three current parties in our government are based on Christianity even though we live in a society that by law has to keep state and religion separated is also beyond me, but it’ll have to wait.