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Monday, November 10th, 2008

So terribly, terribly spoilt by our friends this weekend… Now all we do is sit and gawk and cheer at our new baby


We already watched a nice gory Rob Zombie movie, the Devil’s Rejects. I’m only just checking IMDB on this one and it turns out it gets a meager 6.9 which is about right if you ask me. Maybe even a little on the high side. Because the plot really was very…very absent!

The gore was definitely there but somehow it had a Hollywood taste to it. Maybe this had something to do with the girl with the perfectly styled blond hair, resembling a Barbie doll and shaking her (partly) bare ass in front of the camera the whole time, at least when she wasn’t being a big ol’ meany to innocent people, and whose hair just would not get messy even after bloody fights with knives and other kitchen tools and utensils.

Tip: don’t watch if you don’t appreciate the occasional incredibly violent senseless murder in a movie.

And to my friends: thank you so much for the wonderful beamer!

Around the corner

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Tonight included a lovely knitting tete-a-tete with my mother and my grandmother, over the scarf I showed you two days ago.

Does it get any more traditional and familiar than explaining your mother and grandmother a new stitch?

On the way back a drunk girl came into the bus after having second, third and fourth thoughts about this and telling her friend and the whole bus (NO, I’m not doing it, I live right around the corner dammit! I’m not taking the bus!). Finally she sat down right behind us, in a close to empty bus. Her fiend sat down in the back and kept trying to convince her to do the same because there really was no need to sit right behind those innocent people and yell their heads off when the whole bus is empty.

After she sat down she told us about what a great night she had and yes, maybe it was a tad loud, but at the final destination everyone (including the driver and except her friend who was embarrassed) left the bus smiling.

This down here is Amsterdam by the way, which is right around the corner from where I live, Haarlem.


Amsterdam, friday evening


Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Finally my most recent sweater Salina, from the book “Vintage Style” by Rowan, features on here in her finished status. I am happy with it, I wear it a lot already. It feels precious and actually (like the pattern book pretentiously stated) quite vintage. More details on Ravelry


My latest FO Salina, by Kim Hargreaves, in Rowan Felted Tweed

Other posts about Salina:

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Friday, November 7th, 2008

There is this yarn, a special yarn. It has held knitters firmly in it’s grip since it came on the market. Some knitters rant on and on about what crappy value for money it is. It’s filled with VM (Vegetable Material, knitter slang for grass and other plant remains in your yarn), and it breaks easily because in some places it’s underspun, in other place overspun. This also has its effect on the fabric you knit with it, in some places it will be loose and thin, in other places thick and dense.

Others can never get over the love they feel for the colour combinations that this yarn in produced in, and the natural feel it has. Maybe another aspect that people love is the fact that is handspun in Japan and this makes the wrapper look so exotic and classy. Note that cheap Chinese wool that doesn’t have this classy appearence even though when this has a wrapper it looks just as exotic. The simplicity of Japanese characters compared to Chinese ones makes the difference obviously.

I have always hated the look of variegated yarns and the ugly random stripes they knit up to be. This yarn is different, because the colours are awesome and the colour transitions are much slower than in your standard variegate. So I’ve become a sucker for Noro too, but can understand completely when people think this yarn to be totally tacky, hippy-like and without style. I understand, but I just can’t resist these luscious saturated colour combinations. (Though some of them still are really, really ugly.)

colourways of Noro yarn, you decide

Noro colourways, you decide

And here’s what I am making with mine.


Noro scarf (pattern: My So Called Scarf)