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I’m the 1 and only dominator

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Last week’s results: been given a 7,5 for the collective works I made last semester, which is better than last time, again!

This week’s results: JANNEKEHOPMAN.COM !!!! A spanking new WEBSITE, with some of the better works I made in 2009/2010.  I don’t give warnings before deleting or replacing stuff from there, so check it out before I have to give in to the urge to change it again.


Friday, September 3rd, 2010

This week, after an internet life of almost three years without any references worth mentioning, I (my internet ego) got featured on two very different websites in two very different ways.

The first was a picture of mine that was asked for this 365 day photo project called WindowProject 2010.  I was proud of the picture, so I was thrilled that somebody else picked it up. There’s a little story with the picture, so check it out!

The second (which was actually earlier) was a ‘designer profile’ about me as a designer of knitted stuff. This was kind of a blast from the past, because when CanaryKnits told me she wanted to write something about my work, I really wasn’t that into knitting anymore, so I didn’t think I would make a good subject. But yeah, I guess I was a designer of knitted stuff at some point, so okay, I have nothing against a little flattery. It made me think about knitting as a way of creating new stuff again, and I remembered how good I used to feel when I was knitting.  Maybe in this new school year knitting will turn up more often.

So thanks for the features Valentina and Teresa!

Hard labour

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

While my new website is taking shape, I was forced to start organising and categorising my rather eclectic (and small, I must add) body of work. A nasty job, and it made the work I have look totally random and thrown together. Eye-opening, but harsh. So I started working on a booklet with photographs that have some common theme or line, and it went a lot better than the digital curating, allowing some new website ideas to come to life as well.

The booklet is finished, ordered and should arrive this week, and then it’s time to show it to others. My classmates will probably suit that purpose very well, and if anything it will be a nice exercise in articulating criticism for them. For now, here’s a sneak preview of the booklet.


Hello Dolly

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

I promised, so here it is, the fruit of my screen printing efforts.


Obviously it’s Dolly Parton, and she’s been divided into two colours. You can figure out any meaning for yourself if you want. I also made a version where she’s surrounded by a halo of some sort, but I have to tweak that part a little.

halftones and halo

half-tones and halo

Here you can see how the image is made up of half-tones, smaller and bigger dots that create the illusion of a grey-scale that you would be able to produce if you just transferred a black and white photo onto your screen.

Tell me what you think, don’t be shy this time, just humour me with a comment, I can take it!