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Friday, September 3rd, 2010

This week, after an internet life of almost three years without any references worth mentioning, I (my internet ego) got featured on two very different websites in two very different ways.

The first was a picture of mine that was asked for this 365 day photo project called WindowProject 2010.  I was proud of the picture, so I was thrilled that somebody else picked it up. There’s a little story with the picture, so check it out!

The second (which was actually earlier) was a ‘designer profile’ about me as a designer of knitted stuff. This was kind of a blast from the past, because when CanaryKnits told me she wanted to write something about my work, I really wasn’t that into knitting anymore, so I didn’t think I would make a good subject. But yeah, I guess I was a designer of knitted stuff at some point, so okay, I have nothing against a little flattery. It made me think about knitting as a way of creating new stuff again, and I remembered how good I used to feel when I was knitting.  Maybe in this new school year knitting will turn up more often.

So thanks for the features Valentina and Teresa!

Been a walrus

Monday, September 21st, 2009

If it was productivity I wanted when I started this new education (prep year for art school), I certainly achieved my goal. And the funny thing is: the more I produce, the more that harsh critiquing of myself that I specialize in, is becoming pretty useless or sometimes even absent. I’m quite proud of myself. There, I said it.

What have I been up to, you ask? Among other things, I have made a piece of head gear inspired by the awesomeness of the walrus. A knitted hat to be worn when feeling insecure or experiencing a lack of aggression when the situation calls for it. Should you really want to wear this? Will it help? Is it more or less ridiculous than a nose-job? You decide. Anyway, the whole project is called Odobenoplasty, and pictures of the whole process can be seen here. Overview pictures of my evaluation-‘show’ are coming soon.

This is the end result:

odobenoplasty process

We’re being encouraged to write down any cultural activities we’ve undertaken in the last couple of weeks in our dummies/black books/sketchbooks, and I’ve been able to add quite some pages to my meagerly filled notebook because we had to visit stuff as part of our study programme.

But I also started thinking about culturalia I could already tick off because of the past few months of reading and watching movies. For example, I read the second biography of Kurt/Kurdt Cobain, the one by Charles Cross. And after not wanting to listen to Nirvana when they were happening (well, actually years after, when I was already in highschool), just to spite my classmates back then, I have now rediscovered their music and listen to Nevermind and some random singles regularly now.

It just goes to show that I simply cannot predict my own changes in taste. I could never have imagined that I would actually like what I used to think of as… well, boring music. Ah well, I was late with other things too…

Natalya, free pattern for a slouchy hat

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

PLEASE READ: 10th of January 2012,  a lot of people on Ravelry have noticed and complained that the stitch counts for the S/M size are NOT CORRECT. I’ve put an errata on the Ravelry page, but it seems a lot of people don’t read that part. So if you want to knit the S/M, beware that the stitch count is way off, I messed up the pattern there! A quick fix is to cast on 80 sts instead of 88, but it will make the hat a bit tighter.

I have given birth to a pattern, a design for a hat written down in both instructions and a chart. I used all the skills I have to complete a polished and clearly written pattern with a nice set of pictures and a clean layout. And now I want to share it with everyone.

I especially got a lot of XP working on my InDesign en charting skills, and I managed to up my photography skills too.

Here you go, the free pattern in PDF!

And check it out on Ravelry here.

Natalya Slouchy

(The pattern has only been test-knit by me so far, so please let me know if you have knit this hat and have anything to say about it.)

Some more pictures to convince you into knitting it, even though this is completely the wrong season!

Natalya Back

Natalya 3quarter

ETA 23/6/09: As you can see in the comments I made a mistake in rounds 23, it should say:

(p6, MB, p7, k1tbl) repeat to last st., p1

I fixed this in the pattern PDF so if you download it now, everything will be fine. But if you downloaded it before the 23rd of June, watch out for my mistake!


Saturday, February 28th, 2009

This is a lace shawl I finished last weekend. It’s been on the first pair of needles I ever bought (bamboo, 4mm, March 2007) since this August, and I’m glad I can finally admire its beauty blocked. It grew a lot after blocking and of course the lace pattern opened up as it was supposed to, which was very fulfilling. It made this project and the endless pinning down of each of the 500 or so picots, worthwhile. It is now approximately the size of a mattress. (!)

The yarn is Rowan Kidsilk Haze, kid mohair and silk, and it’s so soft and shiny. It feels as if your wearing something out of a store where you’d never step inside, not only because every item there costs more than your monthly paycheck, but also because the saleswoman will immediately tell by your clothes that you don’t have the green to shop in her shop, and will give you a stare that sends you running with your tail between your legs. That kind of store, I kid you not. Check it out.



You’ll have to imagine the shine yourself.

This pattern is from Knitty, it’s called Muir and the designer is Rosemary Hill. I did the borders a little differently, with slightly thicker yarn I had left from my Hannah sweater, Kidsilk Aura. Same fibre content, different result.

I love this shawl, I feel so rich. I’m even dressing for summer when I’m at home so I can wear this and not be hot.

Tonight I finished curtains that will serve as ‘doors’ for our doorless cupboard. And while I was at it I sewed a little bird out of the curtain fabric, but because the camera I was borrowing was stolen, I have no evidence of this. I did though.