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Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

The moss stitch has really made its way to my heart. I love it.

I am wearing my latest knitted garment, Beatrix, right now which is entirely in moss stitch and I’m just enjoying the bumps I see all around me, all the time. It just so happens that the latest buzzknit (and I have to admit it is really beautiful) is this coat, also in moss stitch. I think I ran into about 20 people today on various blogs, photostreams and ravelry accounts who were either knitting this or had just finished this. It’s nice to see a little knitting hype develop like that (and now I’m even contributing to it, oops…). Will moss stitch be the new cables, or will they dominate the industry together this season even cables have already dominated a season or two?

I have given cables a go this week by designing my very first own pattern. It also features a lot of bobbles, so hopefully they will also become all the rage again. I hope to show and tell all about this design of mine soon, but I think it’s going to be a while because I really want certain online magazines to take a look at it and you know how they want to keep their content a surprise…

So if you’re lucky pics will be up soon, and if not then I got lucky.

PS: Oh and I also knit a hat for myself, simplified a fingerless mitten pattern and helped my mother on her way with it, and tried the berry a.k.a. trinity a.k.a. popcorn stitch in a variety of different yarns. That stitch is so damn pretty I can’t decide what do to with it, let alone in what yarn…

royal victory

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

You could all have guessed that by now the cardigan called Beatrix (no royal blood there however) is finished. I finished it weeks ago, and then came grey clouds, winter cold and parties. Lots of parties. Even the dimwitted can understand that such circumstances are less than likely to produce knitting pictures.

Add to that the fact that I don’t like to pose for people and prefer to take such pictures myself, even if that means the objective quality of the picture will be less, and you have the perfect set of excuses to never take a picture of your finished knits again.

But somewhere during that busy and bloody cold holiday period I grabbed myself by the hairs and pulled me onto our rooftop deck into the sun, put my camera on the ridge separating our rooftop deck from our neighbour’s jacuzzi(!) equipped deck, set the timer, posed and checked the result. I made sure my face was not on the picture, and one more victory could be added to my list.

Of course I don’t want to blow my own horn, but I was so proud of the jacket that I could let all that time go by with people thinking that I had bought that customised treasure in some chain store dependant on Chinese children. Of course I buy the majority of my clothes these stores, but this labour of love I could just not be left to undergo the humiliation of being associated with such activities.  The thought of that blemish alone was enough to keep me going when I got disgruntled by the poor quality of the self taken pictures.

In the end I also lazily used a mirror. Never mind the ugly camera that’s in the picture, as long as my jacket is shown off okay.

Two pictures were found satisfactory, so after much suspense, here they are.

Beatrix FO sunny

Beatrix is a moss stitch jacket in Rowan Felted Tweed, i like it.

Type some white to make a break, i’m a noob, I know.

Beatrix is FO

Beatrix and Bloemenjansje

More information on Ravelry

So Slow, SO Slow, SO SLOW

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Winter knitting

Beatrix likes to take her time, lying in the sun when other people work…

Every project I start is way too slow. Either I choose a project that uses yarn that is way too thin to produce results within an acceptable period, or a choose one that uses yarn that is even thinner. I just like those patterns better because the garments usually have a much better fit and silhouette. I guess I have to live with this curse.

But just when I’m starting to think my knitting’s become fast enough to really make a difference, I pick a pattern that has an even tinier gauge, even longer sleeves and an even bigger surface, and progress is slow as always. And while I knit and loose my motivation for the project gradually, I keep spotting projects that I want to be making instead. Project that seem much more interesting than the one I’m knitting. And this, of course, doesn’t help.

It is now necessary, if I want to stay motivated for knitting in general, to carefully pick my next project. It has to be quick and also pretty, or my theory about chunky boxy knits will only be confirmed.

Of course I have noticed Twinkle’s Big City Knits a long time ago, but I seriously doubt whether this kind of garment will suit a person with different sizes than the average skeleton. As a matter of fact I know I will never knit this, just because of the fit.

Beatrix (a tweedy jacket, “with dipped peplum”) is starting to feel like an obligation, rather than something I like to work on. She’s not photogenic, and the instructions to match the second half of the front to the first one but with eight buttons spaced evenly between flounce and collar are once again a dread. I hate finding out halfway that I am going to have to figure out the rest of the pattern myself, because the person writing the pattern thinks that ‘knit second front like first front, reversing shapings and adding buttonholes every here and there’ is a fool-proof instruction.

Tea container

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

As you all know, I finished My So Called Scarf, and since then I have posted no-thing-at-all. You must all be wondering: “But Janneke, what the hell is on your needles now then? Weren’t you completely nuts with knitting these last months? If I think really really hard I can remember you working on something of a black lace shawl, but I haven’t heard about that one in ages, and I never got to see a ‘Finished’ picture of it either, so you must surely be working on something else in the meantime, right?”

And therefore I will beat you to the punch so you don’t have to clog my bandwidth asking these questions, and answer right away: “Yes, of course I have been knitting on things. I finished another pair of Garter Stitch Mitts, started months ago in India with cheap bright acrylic yarn and I modified them heavily because of my lack of a tapestry needle at some point. I couldn’t graft the live stitches recovered from a provisional cast on because of this lack of a needle, so I made a different seam, with contrasting yarn. Check it out:


You can probably see that they are thick, squishy and thus warm. In fact I think they are more functional than the first pair that I did not modify and knit in Rowan Felted Tweed. These were too tight (even though my hands are thin and small) and so lost their stretch very quickly and became quite thin. But I lost one of them a week ago and I am very disappointed about it because they were so beautiful and took up virtually no space in handbag or pocket.

Also, at some point, I have started liking tea. I always found it sophisticated, much more so than coffee for example, but I just used to hate the taste, so watery and bitter. But through some development of mine, may it be mental, physical or other, I now love to drink it, but the whole ritual that comes with it I like even better. Plus the fact that tea containers are so much more beautiful than coffee bags.

Thé gout russe

I am drinking this tea with milk right now, sometimes I use sugar, but both only every so often because it’s not actually the tea you are tasting when you add both milk and sugar. Except when you’re in India drinking chai, which is of course mainly milk and spices and not so much tea.

Back on a knitting note, I have been knitting furiously, or as furiously as these busy times allow me to (so that comes down to about twenty minutes every day on the train), on Beatrix by Kim Hargreaves, who’s patterns I have knit before with various results. The yarn is the same as that of Salina and my previous Garter Stitch Mitts, Rowan Felted Tweed, and I must say that in moss stitch it has a totally different, but equally nice feel as in stockinette.

Tonight Sinterklaas will once again (he did the same yesterday) shower me and my boyfriend’s family with gifts and the occasional poem. My head hurts like a giant bell is chiming away in it, so I have to relax more before the fun starts.”