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Mad Decent Radio

Monday, December 29th, 2008

“Okay…now, we’re backagain nnnnmm of course you listening to ‘Mad Decent Radio’. This program is Labrie, my name is Habja Selassi and we’re speaking with…Baba…mmmmor maybe Ras Babao…..”

“Can I give a message?”



“Mmm mmm go ahead man…!”

“Yeah I just like to say ehm, lets have some music now huh?”

“Okay…Thank you.”

album cover

If you would like to know more about Mad Decent Radio, start by listening to Diplo and Santogold’s album Top Ranking. I know this is also (partly) the title of a golden reggae classic with exquisite lyrics (Althea and Donna’s Uptown Top Ranking), so you can rest assured that Diplo doesn’t get his inspiration from the gutter.

I love Diplo’s remixes. Let’s have some music now, huh?

A little snack for your ears and eyes

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

A little somethin’ that doesn’t make you feel guilty:

I like this video very much, and the music too. I’ve been listening to Silent Shout and Deep Cuts, both albums by The Knife, all week long and I’m starting to like them more and more. Sometimes it’s a bit hysterical, but fresh all the same.

The horn of plenty (I like drama)

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

StoelI’m starting to wonder if there are actually people reading this stuff. Of course I don’t comment on every blog I read, so those bloggers don’t know I read their blogs either, but I mostly read blogs that already get their fair share of comments. So they don’t need me. But I do need them! I mean: I blog for myself for the most part, but if nobody reads it I could just as well write the posts and never put them online. Maybe I should pitch my blog better than I’m doing now. I’m not really a fan of marketing (and especially all the sucking up that comes with it,) so I guess you could say that I haven’t done everything possible to attract readers, but should I give up my principles (which would be: “Don’t do marketing, just be honest and people will appreciate it anyway”) so that people will read my blog? Wouldn’t it be a slippery slope? Would I turn into a kind of media-whore that shows pictures of women having sex with eggplants just to get hits on her site? Should I reconsider this last sentence because it might scare off some of my already small crowd?

All this rambling shows that I really shouldn’t be bothering with who reads this and why. Vincent van Gogh wasn’t appreciated until he died either, despite the publicity stunt he pulled when he cut off his ear. My time will come, no need to get all marketing-y.

So now for some uncensored and honest news: I got my very own spot in Ravelry! ravelryRavelry is a (for now) closed knitting and crocheting community where you can ventilate all your ideas, pictures, projects and emotions that go with it. It’s really neat, but unless you’re invited too, you can’t check it out. If this made you curious, you can put your name on the waiting list, and sooner or later you’ll be in the circle too. I hear their sending out invitations by the hundreds lately. If you already are in the circle and you wanna check me out, my name is bloemenjansje, but you could also just click that word because I put a little link under it to my profile.

As for my actual knitting: its getting somewhere. I started the decreases for the armhole. And when you start those, you know its only going to go faster.

Shaping armhole

Tonight I’m going to the Amsterdam Dance Event. In the Melkweg there are two great acts in a row, it’s like killing two birds for only €20,- . First there’s Nouvelle Vague, kind of a strange name on the ADE because it’s not dance at all, but maybe it’s a coincidence they play tonight. Anyway, their music is very laid back. They play bossa nova covers of new wave songs like ‘Making Plans for Nigel‘ and ‘Heart of Glass‘. And the joke lies in the fact that both bossa nova, new wave and nouvelle vague all mean the same. I like that concept. But the main thing is that the music is cool.

And then after that the hardcore partying starts, with all these artists at the same party: Dave Clarke, Alter Ego, Vitalic, and Speedy J (and some others I don’t know that well). Those programmers at the Melkweg really hit the jackpot if you ask me. I wonder how I’m going to get through the night because I haven’t really been going to bed early this week, and I know I’m going to get tired but not going to want to stop. Oh the problems of abundance!

I’ll be saving up energy today by knitting quietly and doing as little as possible.