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Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Today I thought: OK, time for a different approach. I wanted to install a gallery type thing on here, for more classy viewing of photos especially. Plugin was easily found, installed minutes later, but then I got punished for not responding to the requests to update WordPress when new versions came out.  I was too outdated to be able to use the plugin I selected.

Well, I faced up to my duties and started the updating process, which is really not for the faint of heart. It starts with the fact that updates ruin any custom changes in your wordpress theme, so that’s probably why I had been postponing the update in the first place. Because I didn’t feel like searching for exactly which files I had edited over the past years and copying or even redoing all those changes. (more…)

This waiting thing

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

As long as nobody tells me to get back to knitting, I will just continue to do other things. You’ll all stay interested right? You’re not knitting monomanics… right??

Live in the box

Birdhouse in my mom’s garden

I got this Fisheye camera, an analog so-called ‘toy camera‘ made to reproduce the effects that Russian cameras like the LOMO LC-A+ and Holga (wait, is Holga really Russian? The Russian language doesn’t even have an H-sound… Ahem, it’s actually Chinese) were famous for. Lo-fi images with high contrast and very saturated colours. While doing the usual unstructured snowball internet search for finding out all about an unknown phenomenon (I also do a lot of that for my work as a translator) I came across so many beautiful pictures I couldn’t resist getting one of those cheap little buggers myself.

hillegom is history

The house I was raised in. It’s for sale now.

So nice having to actually load your camera with brightly coloured rolls of film with cryptic codings written on them, like ‘Agfa pro 200 24/3 27 35mm’. And even nicer that you just have to wait and see what your cheeky camera will make of those vistas you carefully composed and pointed your shiny toy at. I always hear I have no patience, I have even said so here myself (and this had to do with a camera as well), but if my optimism about this camera tells you anything about me, it’s that I like this waiting thing quite a lot!

Stone clouds are pondering

Multiple exposure of a wall and a tree with sky and clouds

I have just shot my first roll and had it processed, explicitly telling the store clerk that I want all frames printed because I was experimenting and I want to know what all those functions do. It meant that I had to pay a lot extra, because standard processing means that a friggin robot decides which frames get printed and which ones are crap and don’t deserve the light of day. Only when you opt for 1-hour processing do you get the verdict of an actual human being, a verdict that can be manipulated by explaining your interest for prehistoric photography techniques like moving your camera around while keeping the shutter open.

I’m very happy with my new toy, and hope to write many more posts about the adventures we’re surely going to have together. This first roll had about 6 shitty and 21 beautiful shots on there, so that means a success rate of 78%. If I could keep that up, and improve my skills a little, I think you are in for a tornado of my cool fisheye pics here on this blog.


Sunday, August 31st, 2008

So I’m а little unemployed… So I have no real clue what the year is going to look like, and how I’m going to manage being accepted into art school next time. I don’t feel bad at all.

The job ended with a bang, the busiest week since I started working there. We had Russian Couchsurfers over at the same time, and the weekend was a camping party with games (which my team won). I had no problem with being so busy, all my activities were worthwhile and the Russians became friends overnight*. To top it all this weekend turned into a warm and sunny one, and I had some time left to knit on our rooftop terras while the sun went to fulfill it’s duties on the other hemisphere slowly, leaving twilight and heat, my favourite when I’m knitting and looking out over the roofs of downtown Haarlem.

Muir at dusk

*Спасибо Ира и Андрей! Было так приятно вас хостить. Вы нормальные ребята 😉 , можно это так сказать? Я надеюсь что мы скоро поедем в Питер!

White roses and black lace

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

The roses I got on a goodbye-dinner with my soon to be former colleagues, I also got a fat gift certificate for one of the best yarn shops in The Netherlands, ribbels in Leiden, and with that my colleagues of course made me very happy. I also got to chat a little with some Russian attendees of the course I organized that week and for which the dinner was also the closing night. One of the attendees had brought her husband who didn’t speak anything but Russian and he was overjoyed when I sat down next to him greeting him in his native language, “Здравствуйте.” Like most Russians I met he suddenly opened up, started smiling and he was friendly like we had know each other for a long time.

When I got home somewhere around midnight our neighbour was having a party which she invited us for. And to make a long story short (because telling about parties never does justice to being at parties) we hit the sack at 5 o’clock. So all in all I had a pretty good night.

Black Lace IThe black lace is my latest KIP (knit in progress). I was pretty scared that the yarn would be impossible to work with, because it is so ridiculously thin and hairy, and that the result would be scratchy and totally irregular and puckery, just plain ugly. Or that I would have too little of an attention span to even complete one correct row of the very difficult pattern. But the yarn and I surprised myself greatly and in a positive way. I can work a row correctly, sure I make mistakes but those can be corrected, not like I was expecting after reading reviews of the yarn that said that the yarn is the most unforgiving you can find. And the resulting fabric isn’t scratchy AT ALL, in fact it is so soft I am fondling it more than I am actually knitting it.

I hope you understand that I want to continue knitting, it is a great joy and I would be crazy to withhold it from myself. I am not a masochist. So here’s one more picture and that’s it.

Black Lace II