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A little snack for your ears and eyes

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

A little somethin’ that doesn’t make you feel guilty:

I like this video very much, and the music too. I’ve been listening to Silent Shout and Deep Cuts, both albums by The Knife, all week long and I’m starting to like them more and more. Sometimes it’s a bit hysterical, but fresh all the same.

Decreasing to almost nothing

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

Less and less

Like a video game, knitting consists of levels. Every row is actually a level. And like in a video game, to hold your attention the levels must be daunting and versatile, or else you will put away your knitting soon enough. That is unless you are really motivated because for instance it’s getting cold and if you don’t finish that sweater you’ll freeze to death. But who gets in that situation nowadays? The problem which I have introduced with this daring comparison is that the last 100 levels of my cardigan with little holes have been exactly the same. As a result I have been putting my knitting away after about 6 rows the last two weeks or so. I made progress, but no more than about an inch per session. The trick was to start as many little 6-row sessions as I could in one day. Every little spare moment I picked up the needles and cleared a few levels.

no rainActually, right now I’m in a somewhat more exciting stage of the game, because I’m working on the decreases of the first sleeve. And decreases are like time portals in a video game: every time I do a decrease, I know the next level is gonna take me less time, and the more decreases I do, the closer I get to the boss stage, which in knitting isn’t hard at all. Just casting off remaining stitches, leaving nothing less then a completed sleeve.
The best part about reaching the decreases-part is that now my levels are all different, and so even I, having a very limited concentration span, can do almost half a sleeve in one session! In one session I can see my stitches going from a lot, decreasing, decreasing faster, decreasing even faster, to almost nothing. So rewarding, those last levels! Check my ravelry thing or flickr for a picture of the progress if you’re interested. It wasn’t pretty enough to dwell here in this post.

For those people who like neither knitting nor video games and who didn’t understand this entire bit, here’s a summary: I was bored with my knitting and now I’m not anymore!

What’s also decreased exponentially is my unhappy state of mind that developed in the beginning of the week. Right now it’s in the process of being cast off.

I’ve finally digitalized a picture I drew in Petersburg, and I wanted to show it to everybody, it’s a datsja in a village near Pskov. I took a picture of it and then drew the picture at home (being my room in Petersburg). The pencil drawing was later filled in with water colour. Why I did make a picture of the pencil drawing, but not of the final picture, I still don’t understand. But hey, I wouldn’t be as proud to finally show it if I had!


datsja watercolour

Dreams, drawing, gherkins

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

Mossy pole As I planned, and announced in a strange place (Ravelry), I’m writing a post this weekend. It’s going to be about two of my dreams, and a little about my real life too. The last post was also about dreams, but the dreams discussed in this post are of an entirely different kind, much less dreamy and much more nightmare-y. Though not to worry: they’re not really very scary. The first one (I can’t remember if I dreamt this one first or the other one… anyway) was about writing. Apparently I had written a story or a novel, because in this dream I received a letter from a publisher about the manuscript a had sent them. I can remember the letter quite well, which is strange because I normally have the hardest time just remembering the plot of my dreams, let alone actual words in letters. But the letter was as follows:

Dear miss Bloemenjansje,

We have read your story and in it we have found no reason at all to believe that you can actually write or that you are a good writer. Halfway through the story a sparrow is magnificently introduced. Magnificent!

I can remember that in my dream too, the letter seemed strange. First they write that in no way can I write and next the way I introduced the sparrow is magnificent. Even for dreams this opposition was far from logical. The way I made it make sense in my dream was like this: even though they were appalled by my writing, they didn’t want to completely burn me down so that I might attempt suicide or something. And so they tried to add a compliment to give some kind of positive signal aside from the harsh critique. I woke up confused.

In the second dream I had a conversation over the phone with a friend, who is my boyfriend’s sister. We were friends before he became my boyfriend, just so you know. I have no idea what we talked about, but the next day I found out that she had taped the conversation and had let my boyfriend listen to it. Apparently we talked about very private stuff, not meant to be heard by the boyfriend, because I was shocked that he had listened to the whole thing. I was very scared that he would be angry with me for the things that I had said. I still have no idea what it was that he shouldn’t have heard and I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t want him to hear too, he even reads my diary these days. But I felt very guilty and especially very angry with my friend for taping it and giving it to my boyfriend. And then you wake up, and realize that you’re angry with someone in a dream, not even a real person, but you’re still angry.

ADHD/MDMALast weekend I was in Zeeland with my fellow Russian-learners and others who do other Eastern European languages. The weekend was called a ‘back to the USSR-weekend’ and that’s why we drank wodka and ate lots of gherkins. We wouldn’t have done that on any other weekend, of course. We also played football (which is playing a ball with your feet and kicking it into a goal, not that stuff they call football in the usa), toured through Middelburg, some of us on a 6 person skelter, and played lots of games where you have to sit or stand in a circle. At night we danced and the boys wore dresses and make-up. I loved it from beginning to end and I love my classmates even more now! I took lots of pictures.

I hear gothic is so over...

I did a tiny wee bit of knitting in Zeeland, and an even tinier bit since I got back because I had to catch up on some work and unfortunately there were lots of parties. Life can be hard sometimes. If it weren’t for the rain I wouldn’t even have written this because I would have been playing football again. But I guess a rainy day behind your laptop has a special charm to it. For instance: I found out today that Danny Gregory, a guy who likes to draw and does it in a way that inspires other people to do it too, has a Flickr Group, in which you can post your own Everyday Matters (being drawings of ordinary stuff). The pictures in the group are very pretty and most of all inspiring. If you like drawing but you think you can’t draw, read what Danny Gregory says about that misconception, because that’s all that it is. I should draw more too.

My coffee bar