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Wie is Merkelbach?

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Какая я занятая девушка…That means I’m a busy girl. December 5th was Sinterklaas and I celebrated it at my boyfriend’s with his family. I got neat gifts and poems and had a nice evening. Tonight I’ll be celebrating again, with my own family. And for all this to happen, a lot has to been done in the weeks leading up to this event. Add to that an assignment to transcribe bits of conversation between two twelve-year-olds which takes up a lot of time, and you can imagine that knitting hasn’t been a priority.


I’m almost finished with the grey cardigan with little holes anyway! I couldn’t stand looking at that UFO any longer, I had to finish it. Call it a Sinterklaas gift to myself. In the next twenty minutes I’m gonna attach the buttons I just bought and have a coffee and then the cardigan will be mounted on me and will have officially finished my second real handknit garment.

Tomorrow pictures will appear here, I promise, so stay tuned.