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So weit wie noch nie

Friday, May 30th, 2008

update from the underworld



In the palm of God’s hand

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

We arrived at the cash register of the store that calls itself Holland’s biggest grocer without a shopping cart. I carried the basket that was filled with at least 7 frozen pizzas, a load of bapao buns, and a lot of other things, so you could say that my basket was overflowing. While we were paying for this, one of Haarlem’s more famous inhabitants got in line after us. She is not famous in the classic sense, but more for the fact that she’s a bit unhinged. To say she’s lost her marbles is a little much, but not entirely far fetched. She’s always talking, and not just talking, but like she’s really talking to you and she always looks you in the eye. The girl behind the counter got a little distracted by this, I could tell.

But try as you might, what she says doesn’t make sense. It’s rambling, but if you listen carefully you can get a sense of what’s on her mind. She queued up behind us and started blurting out quite distinguished words, and when I saw what she put on the conveyor I felt I understood her for a minute. She was out to buy a rice pudding dessert with chocolate and toffee sauce, and she had this to say about it: I’m just craving. It’s…its…in the palm of God’s hand, in the Palm of God’s Hand!!!!

Meanwhile in the crib: DIY

And afterwards some Chinese food.
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Saturday, May 24th, 2008


After our return from the other end of the world I have been quite busy. Almost like a bee even. And it’s starting to show, our new bedroom is finally starting to look fresh and tidy, something you might not have expected when you saw how it was when we got here a week and a half ago. Cracks are being filled, wood has been sanded and painted, walls have been whitewashed, and the icing on the cake will be a new floor.

so fresh

Today my friend Kim came to help us paint the walls, tomorrow two more friends will stand at our side and the day after that another friend of mine will put herself under our command. After about 6 days of hard labour I’m already totally wasted, so I could use some more support.

And then there’s the admission for art school. I’ve applied and I have to do an assignment and present it together with a portfolio on June 6th. It’s really nice to get busy for real with drawing and creating because I haven’t done that for so long but it also has the worst effect on my worry-keen mind. I have no problem making deadlines but the time leading up to the deadline I’m usually not the relaxed gal that my friend know and like. Time to stop that habit, time for a relaxed period of drawing and compiling a stunning portfolio.

Kitchen Cabinet

Friday, May 16th, 2008

Huis tuin en keukenboeddha

Het is niet een doffe ellende hier in mijn nieuwe huis gelukkig.

At least it’s not entirely one big sad mess in my new appartment.