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Thursday, June 26th, 2008

It took some convincing, but I finally managed to get an order of yarn (the infinitely popular Rowan Kidsilk Haze) at a nice sale price and with doable shipping costs sent to me from across the big pond. Hopefully within a couple of days I will own my first batch of this soft, thin yarn that is mostly used to knit lace, and I too will knit a stunning stole (less yarn than hole) in a colour that is nearly black. I choose this project, called Muir:


Right about now is the time that being in The Netherlands just doesn’t quite cut it anymore, that stupid appartment isn’t benevolently smiling at me like it should, working days don’t pass quickly enough, and the big trap of melancholy is set wide open. PoPscreenshotThe trap of mesmerizing over the days in India, China, Mongolia, Russia. Which actually reminds me of a guy who was recently in the news for digging holes in forest lanes, placing large metal spikes at the bottom and covering them up with branches and leaves so people would fall into them. Prince of Persia-style.

Makes you wonder, is he just a big fan of the videogame, is he sadly deranged, or is it art? Probably if suddenly Madonna would proclaim that she finds it a very artistic way of expressing yourself and that she wants to buy one of the holes to put in her backyard, it would be considered art.
Actually I think it would make a nice sculpture, a sculpture of a hole, below it a see-through tube in which are steel spikes at the bottom. The top is covered and around it is a layer of cheerful green grass. Put it on a pedestal and bring in the connaisseurs.

In the meantime, my melacholy trap looks like this:

china mosaic
1. Hostel, 2. Hostel with canal, 3. food, 4. Chinese train and apple juice, 5. Why centipedes are healthy, 6. Squid, 7. Snakes, 8. Mushroomies, 9. Prasad, 10. Lobsters and shrimp in a little coat, 11. W and squid, 12. Schemy get-together, 13. Mister M. himself


Saturday, June 14th, 2008

When footballmadness rises, your urinary tract inflammates in the middle of the night and your man leaves town to head for the island for twelve days, it’s time to strip the walls, take down all the white trash, have confidence, patch up all the holes, cover bare brick with new plaster, and pick up the pieces.

bro cleaning the wall

wall bleeding brick This wall was bleeding red brick.

patching up the wound

And the pieces:

the pieces

I feel like cursing because this stupid inflammation isn’t over even though I have antibiotics, but I’m also proud of my hard work. My sinuses took in quite a bit of dust today and they’re wining about it, they don’t know what’s yet to come, poor babies…


Friday, June 6th, 2008

Sad, I really hoped I would be admitted, but I wasn’t. I made a nice portfolio, but when over 50 people turn up even on the second admission day, you know your chances are getting slimmer. Especially when you look at the drawings and designs other people have already made. Actually it’s unfair, because they can already draw and paint. They should leave room for people who actually still need to learn something, which is what a school is for.

Now I’m a little frustrated, but spending some time on my stuff (like drawings and doing an assignment) was very nice and it sparked my imagination quite a bit. I have really no idea how the next year is going to look now that I’m not going to go to art school, maybe I should have kids. Finally I would have all the direction and confirmation in my life that I keep begging for, and no time left to worry!

The good thing is that after a little suggestion to not forget about me, the Rowan-secretary sent me the newest issue of Rowan Magazine.


Wednesday, June 4th, 2008


I hope you don’t take offence, and start saving money instead of loaning it. Especially the Americans. And governments should start raising those interest rates.
For an explanation of this bold statement, watch the following documentary, in Dutch and English, about and titled ‘the day the dollar crashes’. And I mean it! You should watch it! For the people who speak Dutch there are also loads of backgrounds and comments that were added after 2005 when the scenario given in the documentary started being reality, that is the euro being worth more than one and a half dollar.

For some light entertainment and a peek into the sometimes kind of sad human psyche, I recommend this documentary, about people who furiously collect ‘kinder surprise’ toys. Tiny toy figurines that come in a chocolate egg and of which there are millions of different ones. Nice hobby? I don’t think so, but hey, not everyone likes knitting, right?

The last docu is also about the designer who made the figurines without being able to get the recognition for it because he had to remain anonymous. His story is also amazing.


crinkle Signs Man


Floor Floor Klein hoogteverschilletje