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entrelac explanation

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

I mentioned ‘entrelac’ is my previous post, and promised an explanation. I keep my promises even if this means I have to suspend talking about my recently finished Salina sweater. This of course is not a coincidence. I only have progress shots of her at this point, and these days you just can’t do with those point-and-shoot, made-on-the-spot-with-flash-or-horrible-lighting pics. Knitting blogs have gone beyond that and I feel part of that movement.

Entrelac is actually pretty easy, even though a famous knitter (they exist!) say it breathes difficultà, the term used to describe the show-offyness of the mannerists artwork. So I get two birds with one stone, I can show off an easy and quick project and make it look hella-difficult.


What I was saying earlier about horrible lighting being not done of course doesn’t go for progress shots that only serve as illustration to what you’re explaining.

It is a knitting technique that creates a fabric made up of little diamonds/tilted squares that resemble the strips of a woven cloth, going over and under each other. (Tutorials can be found here, here and here, they’re all very similar.) But in reality there are no strips, just loops that make up squares. Just another incredibly ingenious knitting technique that our ancestors thought up and that anyone who has an urge to make stuff can recreate without having to answer to any art-critics. Because it’s just a couple of loops.

The wonderful part of this technique is that after each square you feel you’ve finished a little project in itself. And that’s every couple of minutes, talk about instant gratification.

I’m wearing Salina (green tweed sweater with buttons and lapel collar) right now and I loving this scratchy and soft feel in my skin so much. I also blocked this sweater differently from previous ones because I now own an iron (with steaming function even!), and the fabric changed immensely from lumpy and quite thick to completely even, light and drapy, but still warm. And to top it all the fit is completely perfect. I think I’m getting the hang of this knitting thing.


Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Someone asks me, am I still knitting. I can imagine this must be hard to believe when it’s been ages since my last knitting-in-progress update.

But boy am I still knitting! And does thinking about knitting also weigh in a little? Because then I’m absolutely knitting a lot.


And the subject is Salina, a tweed sweater with lapel-neck proclaimed Vintage by the book it’s from. This is the link for Ravelryasters among us, don’t worry if you’re bounced like someone wearing sneakers to a fancy Miami club. Ravelry is for members only.

This picture is not recent, but I guess it’ll have to do. I’m already doing the last sleeve (body worked in the round), so this weekend will mean a new sweater for me!

I’m also working on some entrelac (link will come later, entrelac needs a little explanation) which will become a sleeve for my laptop I never take anywhere. So the sleeve will pretty much be redundant most of the time. But my optimistic theory is that because I will have protection I will more often take my lappy into the open. She got scratched last time I tried it, so it will be a process of emotional healing before anything else.

This week’s harvest

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

This week I got me:

-a job as a translator with a couple of slashes*

(and to my delight I was thrown into the deep end right away, so that now I feel like I learned how to swim and more in just three days!)

-at least one reader of this blog

-raw materials bought from the remainder of the gift certificate I got from my last job.

I’m having trouble deciding which one is the best, but because only the raw materials are photogenic, they are most suitable for featuring in this post.

Silk Garden, shade 265

This weekend will mean the end of the ‘Era of the leaking roof and the white ceiling turning brown’, if all goes well.

*meaning this: translator/…/…

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Just some advertising for myself. Look at this!

bloemenjansje. Get yours at

I got a photo of mine in explore!! For people who are not using Flickr, or don’t know what explore is: it’s the weekly gallery of nice pictures uploaded that week, and really they display only nice pictures, so I take this as a very big compliment.

I must say I really love taking pictures.