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When the scarf is dry, the streets are wet.

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Noro scarf

Of course the scarf is dry by now. But I was sure glad that this wasn’t a garment that I had been knitting non-stop for weeks, and then having to wait for it to dry, doing nothing for days on end, biting my fingernails and basically driving myself up the wall, before I could start seaming it together.

For most fabrics I can use my high tech steam iron these days but this would have been impossible on this particular scarf.

All in all I thank God for this scarf not being a sweater.

Read all about the specs of this FO here, marvel at its beauty down here.

Noro scarf

My So Called Scarf, in Noro Silk Garden, colourway 265

Noro scarf

Quite pretty for something made out of caterpillar excretions and goat hairs

Noro scarf

Soft and warm and colourful

I followed the pattern to the letter except for the final bind-off, where I used P2Tog ,*P2Tog, pass right stitch over left stitch* repeat *…*to end to prevent flaring. Worked like a charm.

Thanks to the ridiculous weather the last couple of days I have been wearing it thankfully.

International pants

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Garbage, does it really get the appreciation it deserves? Probably not, but this weekend it was pointed out to me that garbage can actually be surfed.

I was at a dress-up party, sporting a casual but fitted navy blue overall, a worker’s blue shirt knotted shut, Mongolian desert boots lined with goat hair and of course a handkerchief around my head, the theme of the party being ‘the 46th International’ and all.

It was the biggest congregation of inhabitants of the Soviet Union in history, with represenatives coming from everywhere, from Vladivastok to Baku to Minsk to Novaya Zemlya. Hammers and sickels everywhere, pumped up gymnasts conversing with field labourers, and then, when nobody was expecting it, there it was. It had come all the over from Stalin’s datsja to celebrate wodka and gherkins and Russian eggs with us: snow.

And as if this wasn’t enough, I met a guy wearing nothing but fancy international pants (latex ones) and glasses who introduced himself as Tomoe and who said that people tended to think he was a little crazy, for instance when he decided one day to bike from one side of Canada to the other side (if I remember correctly, I mean it was still a party).

He was not crazy at all. And he and two other people, who were also at the 46th International that night, had made a musical documentary that premiered the next Sunday at the idfa! I was quite stunned, and asked him all about it, but as I look back I think I only really asked him about film making in general and not really his film in particular which could be interpreted as rude, but I was planning on seeing the film so I didn’t want to know too much about it. Read about it through the above link, which I will now give again.

But still, he was very helpful in explaining cinematography to me. He drew a schedule on his stomach to illustrate what is called ‘the rule of thirds’ and some basics for shooting a dialogue or just a scene with two people. So now that I know just a little more than nothing about making films, I want to make films too. Especially when I think about what one of Holland’s greatest film makers (Alex van Warmerdam) said about his first time on a movie set. He was really relieved because it turned out that the director really doesn’t have to know all about operating a camera or handling lighting or how the movie is going to be edited later.

“When I found out about that, I thought ‘Man, even I can be a director then!’.”

Earlier that night I had also been introduced to the basics of a neuroscientific experiment. The fact that I was immediately intrigued by this as well and started questioning whether I had done the right thing not choosing a career in exact sciences, doesn’t mean I have a split personality at all. The conclusion that should be taken from all this is that am addicted to learning new things. Nothing less and nothing more.

This is…

Monday, November 17th, 2008

baby krishnaThis is India: you buy a pen in a shop where a boy is behind the counter that could just as well be years older as years younger than yourself. When you pay, he tries to trick you out of 50 rupees by giving you too little change, even though you know him well, visit his shop every other day and walk past it and get a happy smile from him at least once a day.

On the other hand: he does give you a complimentary Shiva sticker and a poster of baby Krishna in a little basket being carried away from his almost certain death. Not by the snakes you might notice in the picture, actually these snakes protect him.

On the pen, it says: no pen in the world makes more kilometres!

After you have tried to write with it, you find out that this is only because out of every 10 cm’s it only actually writes for 3 and just leaves a little ditch in the paper for the remaining distance.

not dry

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

The scarf wasn’t dry yesterday, and it still isn’t today. When will I learn… thick woollen knits don’t dry overnight, and not even in 4 days, it just takes a long time.