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Sunday, March 15th, 2009

After one camera was dropped on the unforgiving floor of an Indian establishment that was known as the ‘restaurant of the (Something something) Hotel’, only the hotel that was supposed to sit on top of this restaurant hadn’t been built yet, and another camera, the stand-in that had better features than the original and that I got completely grown attached to, had been stolen along with an expensive piece of equipment that really shouldn’t be carried around because it is just such an everyday item and it’s just to goddamn expensive to lose (It was not my laptop, but my boyfriend’s, still I cried over it, and not he. Weird, yes.), I am now without a camera.

Cold turkey I have had to tear myself away from what was becoming a real hobby, in combination with some other hobbies that have gotten the occasional blog post here. It’s completely annoying, and if I don’t want to waste money, I’m going to have to wait quite a while for a new one to arrive.

So today, a day on which I knit a nice and photogenic yarn, hung up hand sewn curtains that really are pretty enough to be captured on a little laptop like my own and be shown to the offspring in…no really that’s just a joke. But I wanted to take pictures today alright.

In the end I cracked, I gave in to other media and methods of creating imagery. Apparently I have to be robbed of my comfort zone to start experimenting…

This picture here is not finished, but I figured I do work-in-progress shots of my knitting too, so why not my Illustrator projects. I’m making a portrait of my deceased camera, and am getting to know Illustrator better and better in the process. Do click on the picture, for a larger version. I didn’t want a partly finished beginner’s version of an illustration to dominate this post, so I posted a small picture.

its not finished, just a wip

It’s funny how something tacky like a gradient can make a flat object seem less flat. It’s not realistic at all, but how our eyes want to think it is! They fill in all kinds of things that really aren’t there at all, forms and textures and all that stuff. I’ve seen examples of people making pictures with Illustrator that you just CANNOT tell apart from a photograph, all with the use of gradients. Yes, those are the things you need to avert your eyes from when you’re only just starting to understand how to draw lines and fill them in. So don’t look here.