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Tuesday, April 28th, 2009


This is what I walk past to and from work. A couple of relatively well-known buildings in Amsterdam and an example of awarded modern architecture: the Mövenpick hotel and the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ. I don’t really think they’re by beautiful themselves,  but they have something interesting, especially the Mövenpick hotel, being so hideously boring and massively square.

window detailIt’s just a huge block sitting there, but still, when you look at the stripes in between the glass layers, randomly alternating hues of gray, opened windows scattered over one side breaking up the big square plane, it’s getting prettier already.

And then when the sun shines just on one of the box’s sides, highlighting the grays, and turning up the contrast, it’s actually quite a nice sight. The massive, heavy block seems to be floating.



Rucola virus

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Food is inspirational, the shapes, the colours you just could not have come up with yourself.

When boyfriend is in a picture, chances are he’s doing something food related. When he takes a picture, chances are there’s food in it. When he wrote stories as a boy, they were about food. Even when he wrote about a trips he made with his family, to a theme park for example, he concluded the stories like this:

‘My mother had a vegetarian cheese steak, my sister had soup and orange juice, my father had a burger and I had a burger too. I had a lot of fun.’

I think I’ve been infected with this food-lovin’ virus. The 5-year incubation period has ended (after all, that’s how long I’ve been exposed to boyfriend already) and now I’m starting to show the symptoms.  I caught myself taking and editing the following picture, which oozes a love for food, if I’m not mistaken.

(I added a watermark for the first time. Who the hell do I think I am, anyway? Richard bloody Avedon? )


Let’s hope there’s no cure for the virus.


Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Sometimes learning is not my favourite thing in the world. I love and am addicted to learning in the narrowest sense of the word, to me that is: learning ‘tangible’ thing like skills and languages, new ways of doing things. The learning that is harder for me, and less fun, are the lessons of life. Patience for example.

f l i g h t

The big gap that fell between now and my last post was a result of my camera being sent off to the camera-repairmen. Never before have I had this big an urge to take pictures, as when I was unable to do so. The lesson to be learned from this was obviously patience, but I don’t think I’m quite done learning that lesson.

S p r i n g y

My camera came back yesterday, all healthy and upbeat and with lots of stories about his trip. So I put some batteries in a charger, yanked them out way too soon, took some pictures and shot myself in the foot because after about three pictures I already had to change the batteries. So much for patience.

But who knows, maybe I have learned something. That it’s wonderful to have a camera again, much more so because I had been without one for so long. Maybe I could not have taken thise pictures if my camera hadn’t broken down. Inspiration through lack of patience.

h e a t h e r

The past few days have been great, with a friend from Moscow coming over, great wheather, Easter festivities (which translates as seeing relatives and getting up to speed with them, I always love that) and trips to a museum, the climbing hall and the dunes. My camera being back at my bosom is the cherry on the icing.


Next time I will tell you about stuff I made while little cammy was away from home (hats, curtains, a knitted landscape, more hats, and a pattern).