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High speed train / Train à Grande Vitesse

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

In a couple of days I’ll get my first roll of cross processed film back from the lab. That’s when you process slidefilm as colour negative film. It gives sweet colours and contrast, so I hope the scenes I captured are worth this special treatment. It’s an expensive hobby though, I have to figure out some way to economise in the process, maybe by buying a good flatbed scanner. Then I only have to get my film processed, instead of having them processed and digitalised (prints scanned: bad quality) by the expensive photoshop.

Holiday times are over for now, I left the French mountain village of Corsavy on Monday morning, heading for Perpignan. There I eventually had to get on the TGV to Paris without a ticket because I could not get the ticket I bought online out of the machines, and thanks to the familiar fact of French railway employees on strike the queues were way too long for me to get in them, I was in a hurry. I was not punished for this, and I didn’t have to pay extra, so that was nice. The delayed train I took from Paris rolled into Amsterdam Central Station by Monday night, and I have been happy at home since then. Well, half an hour or so later. Don’t want you to think I live in Amsterdam Central Station, or Amsterdam in general. Because I don’t.

In the meantime, I promised some more fisheye pictures from the second roll, so here they are. I like doing portraits lately, although I was not really conscious of this when I took these pictures. It still needs a little work, but overall I am happy with these.

Portrait 3

Portrait 1

Why I like France

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Perhaps I should not let you in on the sweetest pictures of our trip just yet; sitting in a cyber cafe in Pau, France, but as always I have no patience and besides, I’ve already uploaded them to Flickr so you could already see them anyway.


We trekked a tour around one of the most glorious peaks of the Pyrenees (according to the French), le Pic Midi d’Ossau. Tent and food stuffed in our backpacks, we pushed our muscles to the limit while gravity kept pulling in the other direction, or, from time to time, tried to push us down the hill faster than we wanted to.


Le Pic Midi d’Ossau

France is very pretty when you stay off the péage (tollroads), and that’s one of the reasons I’m enjoying this holiday very much.


Anything to say about knitting? Not really, I haven’t been doing much of it lately. Much too busy hiking, camping, making plans (not for Nigel but for me and my chauffeur).