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Been a walrus

Monday, September 21st, 2009

If it was productivity I wanted when I started this new education (prep year for art school), I certainly achieved my goal. And the funny thing is: the more I produce, the more that harsh critiquing of myself that I specialize in, is becoming pretty useless or sometimes even absent. I’m quite proud of myself. There, I said it.

What have I been up to, you ask? Among other things, I have made a piece of head gear inspired by the awesomeness of the walrus. A knitted hat to be worn when feeling insecure or experiencing a lack of aggression when the situation calls for it. Should you really want to wear this? Will it help? Is it more or less ridiculous than a nose-job? You decide. Anyway, the whole project is called Odobenoplasty, and pictures of the whole process can be seen here. Overview pictures of my evaluation-‘show’ are coming soon.

This is the end result:

odobenoplasty process

We’re being encouraged to write down any cultural activities we’ve undertaken in the last couple of weeks in our dummies/black books/sketchbooks, and I’ve been able to add quite some pages to my meagerly filled notebook because we had to visit stuff as part of our study programme.

But I also started thinking about culturalia I could already tick off because of the past few months of reading and watching movies. For example, I read the second biography of Kurt/Kurdt Cobain, the one by Charles Cross. And after not wanting to listen to Nirvana when they were happening (well, actually years after, when I was already in highschool), just to spite my classmates back then, I have now rediscovered their music and listen to Nevermind and some random singles regularly now.

It just goes to show that I simply cannot predict my own changes in taste. I could never have imagined that I would actually like what I used to think of as… well, boring music. Ah well, I was late with other things too…

Helemaal de weg kwijt

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Omdat het tussen de bedrijvigheid door soms even tijd is voor een gezellig potje lekker lachen met Erik-Jan. Daar hou jij toch ook van? Maar denk eraan: Lenen kost geld!