Grey cardigan with little holes

GrondstoffenBy golly, how time flies. Seems like five minutes ago that I wrote this last post, but actually it’s a bit longer. I wonder where that week went. Saturday I was at an awesome party in the Patronaat in Haarlem, I danced till my feet hurt and my eyelids dropped on their own. The day after that was only moderately productive because of some signs of a hangover (which we call a ‘male cat’ in Dutch: kater. Supposedly derived from ‘cattarre’, meaning something like cleansing in French and Russian).

So I had some kind of cleansing experience that prevented me from doing my chores. I did do some knitting, but I’m not really getting up to speed like I was the last stages of my recently finished project. Swatching for Martha
The new knit is called Martha, from Rowan Magazine nr. 37, as I tried to convey in the picture. Why do all patterns have names, I wondered? I don’t name my other garments, so why should these be treated any different? A simple: “grey cardigan with little holes” would work perfectly for me. I’m hereby renaming the project.

The cardigan is now a mere 10% done, certainly no more. And because of this and because of my reading other peoples knitting journals and blogs, I starting to think that I really am a very slow knitter. When I picked up on all those cosy KAL’s (knit-a-longs) I thought that would be perfect for me: artificial peer pressure so that I would always feel the urge to continue my knitting until the garment was at least as finished as the other Knitters-a-longs’s. But I realize now that things wouldn’t be like that. If I joined in one, I would most probably be the last not to have submitted my finished project to the group, simply because I wouldn’t complete it in time. That would lead to my disappointment and that in turn to my not finishing that project at all because I feel like such a failure. So I’m sticking to my slowly-but-surely strategy, having work, school, schoolwork, parties and hangovers in between. It’s a summer cardigan anyway.

Have I told you by the way that I finished my bachelor thesis and I got an 8,5? Kind of a dumb question, because I can easily check my own posts. But hey, I guess it’s just a way of gluing language together. Anyway I am very pleased with the result and especially with the grade I got. I feel so smart. The thesis is about particles in Dutch, particles being little function words that have hard to describe meanings, and about ‘best’ in particular. I you’re interested, and your Dutch is okay, you can check it out here.

It couldn't be saved
Last thing, I wouldn’t want you to miss the suffering of our dear washing machine. He passed away recently after trying to eat my neighbor’s clothes. This is what it looked like. (not for people with a weak stomach, his intestants are showing!)

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