Decreasing to almost nothing

Less and less

Like a video game, knitting consists of levels. Every row is actually a level. And like in a video game, to hold your attention the levels must be daunting and versatile, or else you will put away your knitting soon enough. That is unless you are really motivated because for instance it’s getting cold and if you don’t finish that sweater you’ll freeze to death. But who gets in that situation nowadays? The problem which I have introduced with this daring comparison is that the last 100 levels of my cardigan with little holes have been exactly the same. As a result I have been putting my knitting away after about 6 rows the last two weeks or so. I made progress, but no more than about an inch per session. The trick was to start as many little 6-row sessions as I could in one day. Every little spare moment I picked up the needles and cleared a few levels.

no rainActually, right now I’m in a somewhat more exciting stage of the game, because I’m working on the decreases of the first sleeve. And decreases are like time portals in a video game: every time I do a decrease, I know the next level is gonna take me less time, and the more decreases I do, the closer I get to the boss stage, which in knitting isn’t hard at all. Just casting off remaining stitches, leaving nothing less then a completed sleeve.
The best part about reaching the decreases-part is that now my levels are all different, and so even I, having a very limited concentration span, can do almost half a sleeve in one session! In one session I can see my stitches going from a lot, decreasing, decreasing faster, decreasing even faster, to almost nothing. So rewarding, those last levels! Check my ravelry thing or flickr for a picture of the progress if you’re interested. It wasn’t pretty enough to dwell here in this post.

For those people who like neither knitting nor video games and who didn’t understand this entire bit, here’s a summary: I was bored with my knitting and now I’m not anymore!

What’s also decreased exponentially is my unhappy state of mind that developed in the beginning of the week. Right now it’s in the process of being cast off.

I’ve finally digitalized a picture I drew in Petersburg, and I wanted to show it to everybody, it’s a datsja in a village near Pskov. I took a picture of it and then drew the picture at home (being my room in Petersburg). The pencil drawing was later filled in with water colour. Why I did make a picture of the pencil drawing, but not of the final picture, I still don’t understand. But hey, I wouldn’t be as proud to finally show it if I had!


datsja watercolour

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  1. Saffron says:

    Best ever knitting/gaming related posting! I love it and I love your cardigan – I think I’m going to make this on my holidays.