Some pretty satisfying material on Dutch TV yesterday for people who, like me, are for the legalization of soft drugs.

Recently some cities close to the border closed down all their coffeeshops in an attempt to stop the flow of drug tourists from Belgium, France and Germany. A disappointed and disgruntled mayor of one of those cities stated that since the measure, drug related crime rates increased sixfold.

Why am I not surprised? Is our government, who still has a plan to close down coffeeshops in the whole of the Netherlands, really that naive, to think that drug related crime will just magically disappear when coffeeshops are closed down? Do they think people will walk up to the closed door, look all surprised, scratch their little potheads and think ‘Oh well, I guess I didn’t really need that weed after all… I’ll just go and watch a Walt Disney movie instead!’

And I can see them now, the hustlers and dealers, doing a little happy dance: ‘Whoopie! Finally all the normal folks who only smoke a little joint every now and then will have to buy their stuff with us too! Lady luck has really smiled upon us this time!’

I am baffled at the short-sightedness of the current government, who obviously wants to turn back the clock and push soft drugs into the realm of dealers who drive up the prices, sell crap quality and, most importantly, will try to push all the other drugs they have in their ‘shop’ onto buyers as well.

Seeing the report on the backlash of closing down coffeeshops made me want to pick up the phone, call the leader of the conservative (in his case it’s worse than conservative, rather than wanting things to stay as they are, he wants things to go back to how they were many years ago.) Christian party and yell is his dumb little ear:


The fact that two of three current parties in our government are based on Christianity even though we live in a society that by law has to keep state and religion separated is also beyond me, but it’ll have to wait.

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