She is the best character out of a book that ever existed.


LenaLena lets a critter hide a parcel in her box of nail clippings

I wish I had drawn her, thought of her, but alas, I was only one year old when Harriët van Reek came up with her.

LenaLena is a girl and she has crazy stuff going on, often involving her hair or animals. Sometimes things go wrong, and sometimes things work out and fish bring a soaking wet towel (from under water) after she has had a swim.


LenaLena gets a parcel from under water fish

This picture is a whole page (one story) for you to share with me what is so great about LenaLena. You figure out what the hell is going on. I hope Harriët won’t sue me for it.


One page of LenaLena

3 Responses to “LenaLena”

  1. Wouter says:

    He dit is vet grappig. Ik wist niet meer dat ik dit ooit gezien had, maar nu ik de plaatjes zie… Ooit op de VPRO met bewegend beeld geweest ofzo?

  2. bloemenjansje says:

    Nee, volgens mij alleen een boek geweest. Maar wel eventjes het beste kinderboek dat er is.

  3. Priscilla says:

    OMG!! Sorry to reply to this so late, but this really brings back memories! I owned a copy of this book as well and I had forgotten all about it. It was weird but awesome.