This is…

baby krishnaThis is India: you buy a pen in a shop where a boy is behind the counter that could just as well be years older as years younger than yourself. When you pay, he tries to trick you out of 50 rupees by giving you too little change, even though you know him well, visit his shop every other day and walk past it and get a happy smile from him at least once a day.

On the other hand: he does give you a complimentary Shiva sticker and a poster of baby Krishna in a little basket being carried away from his almost certain death. Not by the snakes you might notice in the picture, actually these snakes protect him.

On the pen, it says: no pen in the world makes more kilometres!

After you have tried to write with it, you find out that this is only because out of every 10 cm’s it only actually writes for 3 and just leaves a little ditch in the paper for the remaining distance.

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