When the scarf is dry, the streets are wet.

Noro scarf

Of course the scarf is dry by now. But I was sure glad that this wasn’t a garment that I had been knitting non-stop for weeks, and then having to wait for it to dry, doing nothing for days on end, biting my fingernails and basically driving myself up the wall, before I could start seaming it together.

For most fabrics I can use my high tech steam iron these days but this would have been impossible on this particular scarf.

All in all I thank God for this scarf not being a sweater.

Read all about the specs of this FO here, marvel at its beauty down here.

Noro scarf

My So Called Scarf, in Noro Silk Garden, colourway 265

Noro scarf

Quite pretty for something made out of caterpillar excretions and goat hairs

Noro scarf

Soft and warm and colourful

I followed the pattern to the letter except for the final bind-off, where I used P2Tog ,*P2Tog, pass right stitch over left stitch* repeat *…*to end to prevent flaring. Worked like a charm.

Thanks to the ridiculous weather the last couple of days I have been wearing it thankfully.

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  1. nel says:

    een film van gebreide dingetjes?