So Slow, SO Slow, SO SLOW

Winter knitting

Beatrix likes to take her time, lying in the sun when other people work…

Every project I start is way too slow. Either I choose a project that uses yarn that is way too thin to produce results within an acceptable period, or a choose one that uses yarn that is even thinner. I just like those patterns better because the garments usually have a much better fit and silhouette. I guess I have to live with this curse.

But just when I’m starting to think my knitting’s become fast enough to really make a difference, I pick a pattern that has an even tinier gauge, even longer sleeves and an even bigger surface, and progress is slow as always. And while I knit and loose my motivation for the project gradually, I keep spotting projects that I want to be making instead. Project that seem much more interesting than the one I’m knitting. And this, of course, doesn’t help.

It is now necessary, if I want to stay motivated for knitting in general, to carefully pick my next project. It has to be quick and also pretty, or my theory about chunky boxy knits will only be confirmed.

Of course I have noticed Twinkle’s Big City Knits a long time ago, but I seriously doubt whether this kind of garment will suit a person with different sizes than the average skeleton. As a matter of fact I know I will never knit this, just because of the fit.

Beatrix (a tweedy jacket, “with dipped peplum”) is starting to feel like an obligation, rather than something I like to work on. She’s not photogenic, and the instructions to match the second half of the front to the first one but with eight buttons spaced evenly between flounce and collar are once again a dread. I hate finding out halfway that I am going to have to figure out the rest of the pattern myself, because the person writing the pattern thinks that ‘knit second front like first front, reversing shapings and adding buttonholes every here and there’ is a fool-proof instruction.

One Response to “So Slow, SO Slow, SO SLOW”

  1. nel says:

    moederlijk advies (kan het niet laten):

    gewoon doorgaan, ook hier komt een eind aan en dan ben je zó trots.
    en misschien tijd voor ff iets anders daarna?