I’m so smart (I figured this out myself)

When media tell you that nowadays almost every retard with a computer has a blog and does his part of writing for the world, and that about 50% of the population (in this case the Dutch population, but I bet it’s the same in most other western countries) is actually working on a novel, does this inhibit you? Does this make you start to think that where you first only thought your writing may have been redundant, you now know for sure? Do you feel like a moron that’s just taking part in a fad and, even worse, is doing it for all the world to see?

La, la, la!

Well don’t. Just think: “At least I’m doing my stuff and I’m not sulking under my bed and getting nowhere. If I don’t write then the retards win and people will read their stuff and not mine. The fad will of course blow over and I’ll still be there and the retards will move on.”

I actually don’t think that most people who’s blogs I read are retards, but I had to make a statement. It’s such a catchy word though, don’t you think?

One Response to “I’m so smart (I figured this out myself)”

  1. nel says:

    Go Jan go!