Mad Decent Radio

“Okay…now, we’re backagain nnnnmm of course you listening to ‘Mad Decent Radio’. This program is Labrie, my name is Habja Selassi and we’re speaking with…Baba…mmmmor maybe Ras Babao…..”

“Can I give a message?”



“Mmm mmm go ahead man…!”

“Yeah I just like to say ehm, lets have some music now huh?”

“Okay…Thank you.”

album cover

If you would like to know more about Mad Decent Radio, start by listening to Diplo and Santogold’s album Top Ranking. I know this is also (partly) the title of a golden reggae classic with exquisite lyrics (Althea and Donna’s Uptown Top Ranking), so you can rest assured that Diplo doesn’t get his inspiration from the gutter.

I love Diplo’s remixes. Let’s have some music now, huh?

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