royal victory

You could all have guessed that by now the cardigan called Beatrix (no royal blood there however) is finished. I finished it weeks ago, and then came grey clouds, winter cold and parties. Lots of parties. Even the dimwitted can understand that such circumstances are less than likely to produce knitting pictures.

Add to that the fact that I don’t like to pose for people and prefer to take such pictures myself, even if that means the objective quality of the picture will be less, and you have the perfect set of excuses to never take a picture of your finished knits again.

But somewhere during that busy and bloody cold holiday period I grabbed myself by the hairs and pulled me onto our rooftop deck into the sun, put my camera on the ridge separating our rooftop deck from our neighbour’s jacuzzi(!) equipped deck, set the timer, posed and checked the result. I made sure my face was not on the picture, and one more victory could be added to my list.

Of course I don’t want to blow my own horn, but I was so proud of the jacket that I could let all that time go by with people thinking that I had bought that customised treasure in some chain store dependant on Chinese children. Of course I buy the majority of my clothes these stores, but this labour of love I could just not be left to undergo the humiliation of being associated with such activities.  The thought of that blemish alone was enough to keep me going when I got disgruntled by the poor quality of the self taken pictures.

In the end I also lazily used a mirror. Never mind the ugly camera that’s in the picture, as long as my jacket is shown off okay.

Two pictures were found satisfactory, so after much suspense, here they are.

Beatrix FO sunny

Beatrix is a moss stitch jacket in Rowan Felted Tweed, i like it.

Type some white to make a break, i’m a noob, I know.

Beatrix is FO

Beatrix and Bloemenjansje

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