The moss stitch has really made its way to my heart. I love it.

I am wearing my latest knitted garment, Beatrix, right now which is entirely in moss stitch and I’m just enjoying the bumps I see all around me, all the time. It just so happens that the latest buzzknit (and I have to admit it is really beautiful) is this coat, also in moss stitch. I think I ran into about 20 people today on various blogs, photostreams and ravelry accounts who were either knitting this or had just finished this. It’s nice to see a little knitting hype develop like that (and now I’m even contributing to it, oops…). Will moss stitch be the new cables, or will they dominate the industry together this season even cables have already dominated a season or two?

I have given cables a go this week by designing my very first own pattern. It also features a lot of bobbles, so hopefully they will also become all the rage again. I hope to show and tell all about this design of mine soon, but I think it’s going to be a while because I really want certain online magazines to take a look at it and you know how they want to keep their content a surprise…

So if you’re lucky pics will be up soon, and if not then I got lucky.

PS: Oh and I also knit a hat for myself, simplified a fingerless mitten pattern and helped my mother on her way with it, and tried the berry a.k.a. trinity a.k.a. popcorn stitch in a variety of different yarns. That stitch is so damn pretty I can’t decide what do to with it, let alone in what yarn…

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