Finished knitwear with cables and bobbles

The sweater! I finished it. I wore it, it fits. I blocked it, let it dry for four days. I’m wearing it now, it fits even better.


Demi sweater

The reward for using your mom’s EOS camera:
detail and realistic colours, these cables and bobbles deserve no less!


Demi sweater
Who needs red, yellow and blue? Mondriaan, go home!

This is a sweater (pattern is called Demi) from the book “Rowan Vintage Style”  which was named “Vintage Knits” in the second edition, and the designer is Kim Hargreaves. I used Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran in Lewis Gray, an all wool yarn that’s rugged and chunky and quite scratchy. But as with lots of yarns, after washing, it feels a lot softer. That’s like a special treat you get for taking the time to pay some extra attention to finishing details like washing and blocking properly.

I had two entire 100g balls of this yarn left! When a pattern says I need 7 balls, I buy 7 seven balls. A bit strange that I’m now left with 200g of leftovers… As if I didn’t have enough leftovers already. But I guess this is enough for a hat, and I know I like the ways this knits up in cables and bobbles, so guess what I have planned for these two balls to become?

Modifications: I knit this in the round (of course, who need seams when they can be avoided), and I didn’t use a cable needle but cabled without one (see this tutorial). Imagine having to insert and work a cable needle every 4 or 5 stitches for one whole sweater… I don’t think I would have enjoyed knitting this sweater as much.

This sweater shows the bobbles I told you about earlier, I love them now, and they will definitely be in the design I’m writing down and hope to publish sometime in the coming months. I also love the button fastening on the right (for the viewer, left for the wearer) shoulder. Choosing buttons is always an ordeal for me, because a beautiful button can be totally wrong for a sweater, and most of the time I find this hard to swallow. Clenching on to the beautiful buttons, I have to force myself to put them back and place the interest of a sweater looking right over the joy of using those beautiful buttons I picked out ages ago… And these buttons are actually quite beautiful, and they’re also right.

I hope it stays ‘cold’ for a while, this sweater is too great not to wear.

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