Yi Er San Si Wu

Here’s a little something something (that’s such a strange expression, a good one, though) for you English speaking lurkers out there.

I’m in India, Laxman Jhula to be precise, in the north at the foot of the Himalaya on the banks of the holy Ganga. I’m here for lots of reasons, because I have the means to do so is one, because I deserved it after succesfully obtaining a BA-degree is another, and because there is this lady here (called ShantiMayi) who tells people to be nicer to everyone and everything in the universe. Does that sound mysterious or what?  Well of course she tells it a bit less concise than I just did, so it actually sinks in.

And here I am, sitting behind a computer having a nice masala chai, checking all the nice stuff people said about my pictures here and totally unwinding. I finished the second Norwegian Stocking today and I’m wearing them both as we speak! I love them to death but am also afraid to hurt or smudge them, so I’m wearing other socks on top of them so they’re safe. Nobody can see my new friends the stockings now… I’ll upload pictures soon though. (I’m sorry Maarten, I promised not to talk about knitting but I just have to! I can’t forsake my true nature!)

I’m going to get some food now, some porridge to make it through the day just isn’t going to cut it. Check the pictures if you want to know what it looks like here. I’m a happy person, that’s for sure! I learn to count to five in Mandarin, so you don’t have to worry about me for at least two weeks.

One Response to “Yi Er San Si Wu”

  1. Amrit says:

    Lieve Janneke,

    Gelukkig dat ze in India ook middeltjes voor blaasontsteking hebben, hopelijk pakt dat niet zo uit als met die dooie meneer.
    En waar jij ook bent, je neemt je true nature mee; breipennen in jouw geval, je begrijpt ik ben nu nieuwsgierig, dus als ik je binnenkort zie en ik check als eerste je sokken, dan weet je waardoor dat komt.
    Je achtertuin komt me zeer bekend voor…
    En Janneke ik heb je nog helemaal niet gefeliciteerd met je BA-degree (in het engels klinkt ‘t nog beter), maar van harte! Nou ga jij me natuurlijk weer wijzen op het kromme nederlands… Nu zijn jullie alle vier zover!! Dikke hug, Namasté, Amrit