Fem seks syw ode ni ti??

Laxman Jhula dusk
Wouter’s parents arrived in Laxman Jhula yesterday and so the ‘village-feeling’ has increased. There are so many Westerners I know here now. Some I know from the last time I was here, others I met this year, but there’s always someone to have dinner with and talk about football in stead of cricket for example.

I have now learned 2 new languages in which to count to 10: Danish and Swedish. Hindi I can no do up to 5. That is also one of the advantages of having a big group of foreign people around you.

But to get away from this homely feel we must go somewhere else, so we’re planning on going to Dharamsala for about two weeks. Not that there’s not a lot of tourists there, but at least we won’t know them. Dharamsala is where the Dalai Lama resides since he’s not so welcome or safe in Tibet.

These rocks are very fotogenic. I don’t know anything to say about them, except that and that I love taking pictures these days. Yesterday I was in Rishikesh by the ghats on the Ganga and I bought a little boat with flowers and incense to let go in the Ganga. I bought it from a girl who was knitting and I had actually just bought lots and loads of knitting yarn myself. So I asked if I could take a picture of her with her knitting and I could. I’ll post it the next time because pictures and uploading take planning here.

I’ll give you this though, for the ‘liefhebber’ (someone who appreciates it) :

Norwegian stocking are finished

4 Responses to “Fem seks syw ode ni ti??”

  1. Truus says:

    Hallo Janneke, Even kijken of dit werkt. Ik bekijk al je post en ik geniet er ook van Liefs van ons TRUUS en JAN

  2. Joep says:

    Hey Janneke,

    die foto met die kousen, zijn dat nou die zelfgebreide sokken? You’re an artist!
    Ik zie je wel weer ergens vandaag als ‘bekende’!



  3. nel says:

    Dáánk for die sòòkken!

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