Senseo mystery

Yesterday all senseo coffee machines were much slower than normal!

This may not be a scientifically acceptable conclusion, because I only made coffee with two of them yesterday, but the difference was so striking that it had to be the truth. But just to check: who else noticed that their senseo was much, much slower in heating the water than normal yesterday?

I know you have to be out there, because it is just not something you miss easily. Not if you, like me, drink a lot of coffee and have made enough cups with this type of machine to know, or better yet, feel exactly when your machine should be finished heating up the water and ready to squirt brown deliciousness in your favourite cup.

What is a senseo you ask? I would have written this in Dutch had I not expected some people abroad to also know this contraption manufactured by famous Dutch coffee brand Douwe Egberts together with perhaps the most famous Dutch company, also responsible for neat inventions like the CD, Philips. It is a coffee maker that uses coffee ‘pods’ (that’s what you call them in English, we call them pads) instead of just ground coffee in a filter. To prepare yourself a nice cuppa coffee, here’s what you do: grab a pod (pad) and toss it into the machine while the water is heating up in the reservoir. When it’s done making noises, press the button for one or two cups (depending on how many pods (pads) you tossed in there) and like a regular espresso machine, the coffee comes out enthusiastically and under high pressure. Here is some more information, a review of this ‘gadget’ as the writers call it.

I know that they hyped this invention for the high-end market in America, whereas over here just about every person with a toilet also has a senseo machine. I think the tide is turning a little but now however, because ‘true coffee lovers’ have started to come up and declare that senseo coffee is a sad excuse for coffee and that people who drink it have no taste. So I can imagine the situation here is quite different from that in the US, where you can even buy single pods (of course wrapped in plastic) for a dollar a pop.

Anyway, high-end accessory or standard inventory, tell me please if you have also noticed this mysterious difference yesterday, and maybe we can find out what’s behind it.

3 Responses to “Senseo mystery”

  1. mooncalf says:

    Colder water than normal?

  2. Nieske says:

    Ik heb gister m’n Senseo niet aangezet, maar sowieso is ‘ie gewoon erg sloom. Ik heb dan ook het alleralleroudste model (was een gratis tweedehansje) en ik weet niet of die langzamer is dan nieuwere modellen, maar dat zou natuurlijk best kunnen. Mijn waterkoker lijkt de laatste paar weken (of maanden? geen idee eigenlijk) wel slomer dan normaal… Maar qua winter zou dat inderdaad best wel aan de temperatuur van het water kunnen liggen. Daar had ik nog niet eens aan gedacht!

  3. bloemenjansje says:

    Well, there’s definitely a thought, mooncalf. But it wasn’t especially cold yesterday, compared to other days… It’s probably the reason anyway, because our washing machine also was having trouble dissolving the detergent recently.