This is a lace shawl I finished last weekend. It’s been on the first pair of needles I ever bought (bamboo, 4mm, March 2007) since this August, and I’m glad I can finally admire its beauty blocked. It grew a lot after blocking and of course the lace pattern opened up as it was supposed to, which was very fulfilling. It made this project and the endless pinning down of each of the 500 or so picots, worthwhile. It is now approximately the size of a mattress. (!)

The yarn is Rowan Kidsilk Haze, kid mohair and silk, and it’s so soft and shiny. It feels as if your wearing something out of a store where you’d never step inside, not only because every item there costs more than your monthly paycheck, but also because the saleswoman will immediately tell by your clothes that you don’t have the green to shop in her shop, and will give you a stare that sends you running with your tail between your legs. That kind of store, I kid you not. Check it out.



You’ll have to imagine the shine yourself.

This pattern is from Knitty, it’s called Muir and the designer is Rosemary Hill. I did the borders a little differently, with slightly thicker yarn I had left from my Hannah sweater, Kidsilk Aura. Same fibre content, different result.

I love this shawl, I feel so rich. I’m even dressing for summer when I’m at home so I can wear this and not be hot.

Tonight I finished curtains that will serve as ‘doors’ for our doorless cupboard. And while I was at it I sewed a little bird out of the curtain fabric, but because the camera I was borrowing was stolen, I have no evidence of this. I did though.

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