Sometimes learning is not my favourite thing in the world. I love and am addicted to learning in the narrowest sense of the word, to me that is: learning ‘tangible’ thing like skills and languages, new ways of doing things. The learning that is harder for me, and less fun, are the lessons of life. Patience for example.

f l i g h t

The big gap that fell between now and my last post was a result of my camera being sent off to the camera-repairmen. Never before have I had this big an urge to take pictures, as when I was unable to do so. The lesson to be learned from this was obviously patience, but I don’t think I’m quite done learning that lesson.

S p r i n g y

My camera came back yesterday, all healthy and upbeat and with lots of stories about his trip. So I put some batteries in a charger, yanked them out way too soon, took some pictures and shot myself in the foot because after about three pictures I already had to change the batteries. So much for patience.

But who knows, maybe I have learned something. That it’s wonderful to have a camera again, much more so because I had been without one for so long. Maybe I could not have taken thise pictures if my camera hadn’t broken down. Inspiration through lack of patience.

h e a t h e r

The past few days have been great, with a friend from Moscow coming over, great wheather, Easter festivities (which translates as seeing relatives and getting up to speed with them, I always love that) and trips to a museum, the climbing hall and the dunes. My camera being back at my bosom is the cherry on the icing.


Next time I will tell you about stuff I made while little cammy was away from home (hats, curtains, a knitted landscape, more hats, and a pattern).

One Response to “Patience”

  1. Maarten says:

    Jezus Janneke, hoe komt het toch dat jij al die Engelse uitdrukkingen kent? Mooie foto’s. Hoe maak je dat randje?