Rucola virus

Food is inspirational, the shapes, the colours you just could not have come up with yourself.

When boyfriend is in a picture, chances are he’s doing something food related. When he takes a picture, chances are there’s food in it. When he wrote stories as a boy, they were about food. Even when he wrote about a trips he made with his family, to a theme park for example, he concluded the stories like this:

‘My mother had a vegetarian cheese steak, my sister had soup and orange juice, my father had a burger and I had a burger too. I had a lot of fun.’

I think I’ve been infected with this food-lovin’ virus. The 5-year incubation period has ended (after all, that’s how long I’ve been exposed to boyfriend already) and now I’m starting to show the symptoms.  I caught myself taking and editing the following picture, which oozes a love for food, if I’m not mistaken.

(I added a watermark for the first time. Who the hell do I think I am, anyway? Richard bloody Avedon? )


Let’s hope there’s no cure for the virus.

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