This is what I walk past to and from work. A couple of relatively well-known buildings in Amsterdam and an example of awarded modern architecture: the Mövenpick hotel and the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ. I don’t really think they’re by beautiful themselves,  but they have something interesting, especially the Mövenpick hotel, being so hideously boring and massively square.

window detailIt’s just a huge block sitting there, but still, when you look at the stripes in between the glass layers, randomly alternating hues of gray, opened windows scattered over one side breaking up the big square plane, it’s getting prettier already.

And then when the sun shines just on one of the box’s sides, highlighting the grays, and turning up the contrast, it’s actually quite a nice sight. The massive, heavy block seems to be floating.



2 Responses to “Architecture”

  1. nel says:

    a Borg-cube, maar dan mooier.

  2. Teun says:

    Hi Janneke,

    It is utterly hilarious that what you say about this building is the exact opposite to what our lecturer told us in Delft at the Faculty of Architecture;

    Reproduced from memory it was something like;

    “The building is designed as a block with perfectly flat surfaces. In detailing this building the architects attempted to create the facade the way it’s like one continuous surface. The windows that needed to be openen create a miminal deviation from the perfectly flat surface.”

    🙂 It’s always funny and quite embarrassing to see such a gap between the perception of beauty of people and that of architects.