Ketchup part 2


Zhaoqing was a pleasant place to stay, cheap too, but we went on because worldtrips don’t travel themselves. We still had to see Guangzhou in the same region, and we already slacked in Hong Kong (5 nights!). Our Russian visa has a fixed date and only lasts a month, so there’s no time to waste to get to the Russian border on time.

With that in mind we decided we might want to see Mongolia too (get the joke?), and cram that into our schedule ad well. So things are not as laid back here in China as they were in India, completely in unison with the coutry morales.

Beijing Lu, GuangzhouGuangzhou was big. We stayed at an island that used to belong to the British (one side) and the French (the other side), so the athmosphere was far from Chinese. This is the most pleasant area in Guangzhou if you like things quiet and elegant, so it was stuffed with hotels and the streets were filled with adoption parents with their newly acquired kids who have to stay in China for at least one month after adoption.

In our hostel we met some fellow travellers for the first time, it was very nice to talk about all the small things that make travelling so nice and sometimes difficult. Chicken feetWe had dinner together in a fancy Chinese restaurant, ate chicken feet (but only bacause they put it on our table without us asking for it)¬†and after that, Jesse decided that even after a 56 hour train straight from ‘burning’ Lhasa he wanted to go party and so we accompanied him. If you want the hilarious details of this night, talk to W., he had the most bizarre encounters. Suffice it to say that is was a wonderful, even great night out.

The next stop was Nanchang, to visit a few ancient villages around there. The sleeper train was excellent, the annoying thing was our neighbour who decided he wouldn’t stand for breathing through his mouth even though his nose was clearly totally congested. This resulted in him making disgusting sounds every few seconds. It culminated in him throwing snotty tissues everywhere, even on my dear boyfriend, and so it is no surprise W. and I now have a cold too. The guy was really disgusting and he didn’t care what anyone thought about him, a rarity here in China so far!

So to get to the point: here are some pictures of the trip to the ancient villages.


Alley in Luotiancun, with two boys.

Home in the village

wooden interior

Village lady

village lady

Already this much story and I’m not even close to having talked about everyting. Next time I’ll talk about the town we’re in now and the train we took to get there. All the pictures I didn’t post here are also worth looking at, if I do say so myself. I have a Pro Account at Flickr now so I don’t have to be stingy when I upload pictures. You do the math.

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