Been a walrus

If it was productivity I wanted when I started this new education (prep year for art school), I certainly achieved my goal. And the funny thing is: the more I produce, the more that harsh critiquing of myself that I specialize in, is becoming pretty useless or sometimes even absent. I’m quite proud of myself. There, I said it.

What have I been up to, you ask? Among other things, I have made a piece of head gear inspired by the awesomeness of the walrus. A knitted hat to be worn when feeling insecure or experiencing a lack of aggression when the situation calls for it. Should you really want to wear this? Will it help? Is it more or less ridiculous than a nose-job? You decide. Anyway, the whole project is called Odobenoplasty, and pictures of the whole process can be seen here. Overview pictures of my evaluation-‘show’ are coming soon.

This is the end result:

odobenoplasty process

We’re being encouraged to write down any cultural activities we’ve undertaken in the last couple of weeks in our dummies/black books/sketchbooks, and I’ve been able to add quite some pages to my meagerly filled notebook because we had to visit stuff as part of our study programme.

But I also started thinking about culturalia I could already tick off because of the past few months of reading and watching movies. For example, I read the second biography of Kurt/Kurdt Cobain, the one by Charles Cross. And after not wanting to listen to Nirvana when they were happening (well, actually years after, when I was already in highschool), just to spite my classmates back then, I have now rediscovered their music and listen to Nevermind and some random singles regularly now.

It just goes to show that I simply cannot predict my own changes in taste. I could never have imagined that I would actually like what I used to think of as… well, boring music. Ah well, I was late with other things too…

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