Smoking and playing some cards

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From Nanchang it was “Onward, let’s go, we can do it!” and a thump with our heads together and we were back on the road again. We took a hard seat train for nine hours heading for Huang Shan Shi, also know as Tunxi from where you could visit China’s no. 1 mountain (who decides these things?): Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain).

The train was packed and the Chinese were suddenly not so friendly during boarding and claiming a seat. We had placed tickets, so for us there wasn’t a problem in the world, but the people who had bought spare ticktes with no seat guarantee the pushing was on.

After a few hours people started dripping out at small stations and the pub which was our coach was open. People were happily smoking away and playing cards and chatting like they had known each other for years. The atmosphere was very nice and we were certainly the talk of the town (in this case a moving town with only 120 people in it). Every once in a while a giggling young man or woman would try to say something to us in English, only to burst out in laughter after a few incomprehensible sounds. Even after nine hours in the same room they wouldn’t stop staring at us like we had no clothes on, I guess they’re still not that used to foreign backpackers in the train for ‘commoners’ .

Already in the train we had managed to find ourselves a hotel. Well actually it was the hotel-lady who managed to get herself some customers, or maybe just a commission. She spoke no English at all, and still we dragged out a little discount.

Huang Shan was a nice city, pretty quiet, again not so many tourists yet. And the centre was very old and beautiful, like you can see here. The area is famous for its architectual style, called Huizhou. I like it.

Of course we climbed China’s number 1 mountain too, but I’m keeping something for tomorrow. How’s that for a little cliffhanger.

Oh and the mongolia joke wasn’t really about mongolia but just the the irony of me saying we have to hurry and then saying we want to see mongolia too…so there. I should be more careful with my jokes, I get it now.

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    Ah! Je bent er weer!
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