Today I thought: OK, time for a different approach. I wanted to install a gallery type thing on here, for more classy viewing of photos especially. Plugin was easily found, installed minutes later, but then I got punished for not responding to the requests to update WordPress when new versions came out.  I was too outdated to be able to use the plugin I selected.

Well, I faced up to my duties and started the updating process, which is really not for the faint of heart. It starts with the fact that updates ruin any custom changes in your wordpress theme, so that’s probably why I had been postponing the update in the first place. Because I didn’t feel like searching for exactly which files I had edited over the past years and copying or even redoing all those changes.

(This post is starting to look boring. But look!  A small picture of a walrus! Take that attention span!)


Another thing that’s really not attractive is the requirement of DELETING and REPLACING lots of files from your ftp. I’m not scared of deleting things in general, but because my skills with ftp-clients aren’t very well developed, I have a hard time keeping track of which files are currently on there, which ones need to be replaced by new ones, which ones need to be deleted, and, most important, which ones most definitely CANNOT be deleted.

Of course I backed up everything, but even with backup files, it can take a looong time to find out what’s causing the problem in the end. It’s like looking at a box filled with 100 (well, more like 500) coloured pencils and having to say which colour is missing:  Hell, I don’t know! I don’t even know which ones are supposed to be in there, let alone which one is missing right now.

And as you can see, right now my custom made decorations like the knitted header, Flickr badge and Sexy Knitters Club button are missing. I have the file that contains their code in my possession, I just can’t use it because WordPress is not the same anymore!

Anyway, the reason I started this whole thing was a gallery. And believe it or not, that thing works now!

The next posts will be about my new cameras: a Holga 120N, a Lomo Smena Symbol (accurate spelling: Ломо Смена Символ), the adventures had with them, the pictures taken with them, the accessories acquired for them, and the personal thoughts accompanying them. So if you want to see the result of my geeky labour (i.e. the gallery), you have to read my next post too!

One Response to “Pencils”

  1. nel says:

    i found it not so boring, in tegendeel: herkenning all over the place wat betreft erin durven plonzen, het doorzetten, wanhopen, toch maar weer doorgaan, en het afmaken. Net zoals ik doe met het verhuizen en alle bergen die daarbij verzet moeten worden.
    Of mooier gemetafoord: een schip over de berg trekken (zoals Werner Herzog ooit zei).