Centipedes on a stick

A new location, a new opportunity to post the real way. We’re in Beijing already, covered 3000 km in just under 3 weeks. We were at the snack street just now to have dinner and saw that the Chinese really do eat anything, and all on sticks.

colour candy

Our favourites were the strawberries in caramel coating and the lamb-kebabs from heaven (heaven is probably located in central-Asia). But for the extravagant foodies there were centipedes, starfish, beecocoons, snakes, kidneys and shredded cow stomach on a stick. Just the way you like it.

I hear Beijing isn’t as well equipped with cheap internet cafes as it should be, I’m using the expensive hostel facility now, so maybe I won’t be posting many photos or stories anytime soon… But then maybe I won’t be able to resist and I’ll just post and spend like there’s no tomorrow because it’s not like I’ll be backpacking in China anytime soon again.

Here a little taste of Nanjing still for you to enjoy (the strawberry-skewer picture actually was taken back in Nanjing too, but the one we ate tonight looked quite similar.)

Nanjing lights 1
Arch on Fuzimiao, opposite the Confucius temple

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