Stranger things have happened, but still I’m quite surprised: because of yesterday’s post I convinced myself to show some real art school makings! These are two prints of the same etching, in two different stages. The first one is after etching only the lines, and so the print is called a line etching. The second one is a print after I processed the zinc plate in such a way that some areas are corroded in lighter or darker shades. This technique is called aquatint. Yesterday was the first time I did this. It turned out OK, I think.


(click for larger image)

I did more etchings last week and yesterday, I’m spending quite some time in the graphics workshop these days. Tomorrow I’m getting feedback on photographs again. Last week I got some nice comments so this week I invested some money in nicer, bigger prints to show my dedication to photography. I printed 7 Holga shots, and they are so pretty and square and saturated! If the feedback is nice again, maybe I’ll share them with you.

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