See Tomsk and then DIE!


KIRILL LYNOV (Tomsk, Russia) wrote:

When I saw these 2 guys first time, I thought: Oh my God! They are perfect indeed! I liked them so much even though I had been with them not for a long time! At once I called them Jack and Rose like in a famous movie “Titanic” ! In my opinion, they resemble Di Caprio and Winslet….nice…nice… So, friends, I wish you to be happy all the time, I wish you to be together until your dying day! I feel sure everything is alright in your lives! That is great that you travel and you are lucky that you attended our tiny students’ Tomsk! Travelling broadens mind! Don’t forget about it! You are THE BEST! I hope to see ya sooooooooooooooooooon =)

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