Home in bloom

What a clash. Ever since I left Moscow at dawn yesterday, waking up at 5 a.m. looking out on the sun rising over Stalin’s ‘Skyscrapers’ and the domes of the St. Basil’s Cathedral at the Red Square and feeling sad that I already had to leave the guys who had hosted us the last two nights of our trip around the world, well… ever since that time everything that used to be normal when I was still home is now so strange and new again. People speaking Dutch on the street, the lack of kitchen cabinets that have a little rack inside them where you can put your dishes to dry, the smiling people on the street. It’s all normal but also new in a new way, because the last months we got used to seeing new things. But this is different.

Also I don’t have my cosy own room/house to come home to and this makes it that much harder. I really like having my own things and my own room and my own style, but in the new house where I’ll be living it’s just one big fucking mess and I have the coming weeks to fix it up and live there at the same time because my old room I already gave up to save on rent while I was away. So here I am, taking it all in, making the best of it by pulling the coffeemaker out of a box, finding my favourite coffeecups, making myself a cuppa coffee and enjoying my very own, free to unlimitedly be used Laptop (I’m so happy to see him again I think I should name him). I’m catching up a little on reading neglected blogs, who knew the pleasure that could bring could be so complete?

To get the opinions straight: all in all I’m happy to be home, I’m fiercely enjoying the weather and all the green leaves and blooming flowers and finding a new appreciation for the cosiness of my mother’s place. Let the reminiscing over the last unbelievably nice months begin, maybe tomorrow will bring the beginning of a plan to turn this big dark hole where I still feel like a visitor, filled with cables and junk, into the first place where I’ll live with my boyfriend. It should be a NICE place.

Home in green

3 Responses to “visitor”

  1. thijs says:

    Welcome back!

    Please let me know if you need any help with fixing your new place up. I would love to help out!

  2. Frouke says:

    Welkom weer thuis (ookal bevalt het niet onmiddellijk)! Vind het interessant om te horen wat je weer her-opvalt aan Nederland. Vandaag was het zo oerstil op mijn werk dat ik een heel eind ben gaan lezen in ‘Moskou is een gekkenhuis’ van Peter d’Hamecourt. Als je het nog niet kent moet je het zeker lezen! Het staat vol met zijn observaties sinds hij er in 1988 ging wonen. Hij noemt Moskou een harde, vermoeiende en onhandige stad waar je tóch geen afscheid van kunt nemen.

  3. Truus says:

    Jammer dat het zo’n troep is bij jullie. Wij willen gauw een keer komen kijken, misschien hebben wij tips voor jullie.
    Maak er maar weer wat van. Jullie hebben voor hetere vuren gestaan. Ik heb bv. nog nooit op halfwilde paarden gezeten.
    Liefs voor jullie TRUUS en JAN