Play with your emulsion

A Polaroid camera takes cassettes that not only have 10 instant pictures inside, ready to roll, but also a pair of batteries that power the whole camera. I had the luck that the batteries in my first cassette went dead after 4 shots. It was kind of a bummer because those shots cost a lot of money (more than the camera) and now I wasted 6 out of 10. But then I discovered that even unexposed instant photos can be great fun, and even beautiful when processed by my finger and the back of a paintbrush.

play with your emulsion! 1

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The colours that develop after you push the emulsion out of the pocket at the bottom of the ‘picture’ are amazing, and the structures, especially when viewed large, resemble the stuff you see on Google maps around the northern shore of Russia, only in pink and and grey hues!

play with your emulsion! 3

Click image for large size

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