Diary 7

Hi there, it’s time for photos! This semester I have to hone my photography skills on my own, because photography class is not on the schedule until somewhere in April. I’m using the Minolta X-300 that my grandfather (rather reluctantly) passed down to me a while ago. It has the most wonderful and most tiny DOF. So when you use maximum aperture (and I always do, unless there really is a lot of bright sunlight) there’s only a very limited section of your frame that’s actually in focus, and the rest is blurry. I like that, sometimes.

But this post doesn’t have pictures from that camera, I’m not completely satisfied with what I produced with it. If you want to check it out anyway, click HERE.

This series down here is the first assignment I did for photography, and because I’m running low on actual creative photography inspiration I’m recycling this collection here. For this assignment I made/selected 7 pictures for 7 days, like a diary. They all turned out like still lives, even though I didn’t do this on purpose. Also I seem to have a knack for not putting faces in my pictures. I think it’s because I don’t want an overpowering element like a face to take over the entire photo. I love all the small and defenceless things in pictures, and they can’t compete for attention with a face.

Can’t see it? Watch the individual pictures here, for a slideshow click here

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