Staring at myself

Self portrait in india ink

Click the image for a larger version. I really enjoy these blown up versions of my drawings, the detail gets really interesting. I get them from scanning the drawings at high dpi. Instant magnification!

This is a small part of a full self portrait in fineliner and india ink. I haven’t decided if I’m going to post the entire drawing too. But the fact of the matter was that I drew a large portrait (from head to knees) in india ink but only using brush strokes, like I did with the skeleton recently, and I wasn’t quite happy with it. And then I shoved the limitations of the assignment and made this and it felt much better. I like my lines fine, my washes grey and my ink black.

Interesting fact (and mom, you can correct me if I’m wrong): I was born with my hand in this pensive pose. Sorry about that, mommy.

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One Response to “Ink”

  1. nel says:

    yes my dear. (my) suffering leads to (your) art.