After our return from the other end of the world I have been quite busy. Almost like a bee even. And it’s starting to show, our new bedroom is finally starting to look fresh and tidy, something you might not have expected when you saw how it was when we got here a week and a half ago. Cracks are being filled, wood has been sanded and painted, walls have been whitewashed, and the icing on the cake will be a new floor.

so fresh

Today my friend Kim came to help us paint the walls, tomorrow two more friends will stand at our side and the day after that another friend of mine will put herself under our command. After about 6 days of hard labour I’m already totally wasted, so I could use some more support.

And then there’s the admission for art school. I’ve applied and I have to do an assignment and present it together with a portfolio on June 6th. It’s really nice to get busy for real with drawing and creating because I haven’t done that for so long but it also has the worst effect on my worry-keen mind. I have no problem making deadlines but the time leading up to the deadline I’m usually not the relaxed gal that my friend know and like. Time to stop that habit, time for a relaxed period of drawing and compiling a stunning portfolio.

3 Responses to “Fresh”

  1. Anna says:

    Ik was je graag komen helpen, maar ik zit thuis met een gebroken teen! (Naar joh, tafelpoten.) Waar staat jullie nieuwe stulpje eigenlijk?
    Oh, en wat spannend, de kunstacademie! Welke ga je proberen? Veel succes iig, ik weet zeker dat als je rustig blijft, je een goed portfolio in elkaar kan knutselen 🙂

  2. Frouke says:

    Art school? What art school? No more Nederlands?

  3. Marek says:

    Whoa, nice! Die kamer wordt gewoon onherkenbaar. 🙂