I hope you don’t take offence, and start saving money instead of loaning it. Especially the Americans. And governments should start raising those interest rates.
For an explanation of this bold statement, watch the following documentary, in Dutch and English, about and titled ‘the day the dollar crashes’. And I mean it! You should watch it! For the people who speak Dutch there are also loads of backgrounds and comments that were added after 2005 when the scenario given in the documentary started being reality, that is the euro being worth more than one and a half dollar.

For some light entertainment and a peek into the sometimes kind of sad human psyche, I recommend this documentary, about people who furiously collect ‘kinder surprise’ toys. Tiny toy figurines that come in a chocolate egg and of which there are millions of different ones. Nice hobby? I don’t think so, but hey, not everyone likes knitting, right?

The last docu is also about the designer who made the figurines without being able to get the recognition for it because he had to remain anonymous. His story is also amazing.


crinkle Signs Man


Floor Floor Klein hoogteverschilletje

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