Last week a couple of Dutch fanatics have succesfully re-launched instant film as it was produced by Polaroid up until 2008. It is now called PX and the price still forces you to consider: is this shot really worth €2,25? But the fact that instant film for Polaroid cameras isn’t going extinct is reassuring. I just discovered the gem that is instant photography a couple of months ago, and the re-birth of the film, just moments before the original supply produced by Polaroid was about to run out, seems like a good opportunity to post some more results.

I bought two cameras off Marktplaats (Dutch version of Craigslist and ebay): an Impulse – retro looking, with a flash that can’t be switched off and a firm rubber grip – and a slightly newer 600 Close Up (looking a bit like this) – big, expandible and with a cheaper feel but with focusing starting at 60cm.  The Impulse is switched on by pushing on the flash, which then pops up, and this happens easily when the camera is carried around in a bag for example. That’s how my first pack of film was ruined because the internal battery of the film pack had run out before I had even shot half of it. The 600 Close Up doesn’t have this problem, so I’m glad I bought two camera’s to experiment with.

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